#BookReview: Fuego en el Corazón de Katherine Sutcliffe

2521407Fire in the Heart de Katherine Sutcliffe
Series: Warwick Brothers #2
Pages: 437
Publication: March 1st, 1990 (by Avon Books)
She fled the horrors of a British workhouse, seeking refuge with the dark, moody aristocrat. Begrudgingly he sheltered her, fighting the fascination of her saucy innocence. But never did he imagine that the filthy urchin could be transformed into a bewitching beauty - a sparkling jewel that would tempt him beyond endurance...forcing his surrender to the exquisite torment of a love that denied all reason....

My Thoughts

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This will always be one of my favorite romance novels to be just the first one I read, which got me into the world of romance novels. This book stands out for the way it is written so that every feeling and sensation is easy to perceive. The author takes a great job giving life for the characters to becomes lovable. A beautiful and exciting book, full of love.




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