#BookReview: Saga James Potter (G. Norman Lipper)

2548866James Potter And the Hall of Elders Crossing

What's like to be the son of the most famous wizard of all time?

James Potter thinks he knows, but as he begins his own adventure at Hogwarts, he discorevers just how much is a challenge it really is to live up to the legend of the grat Harry Potter. At if it wasn't enough dealing with the delegates from the American winzarding school and figuring out the misteriously polite Slytherins, James and his new friends, Ralph and Zane begin to uncover secret plot that could pit the Muggle and Magical worlds against each other in all-our war. 

Now, with the help of Ted Lupin and his band of merry mischief (the Gremlins), James must race to top a war that could change the world forever, corriendo contra reloj para detener una guerra que podría cambiar el mundo para siempre. His only hope is to learn the difference between being a hero, and being the son of a hero. 

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My Thoughts

After finished Harry Potter, plenty of fans love to have a new story for the wizard world we love so much. Then the enthusiastic G. Norman Lippert wrote this awesome fanfic about one of the son of Harry Potter and our life was complete. Using the same writing stye as J.K. Rowling, Sr. Lippert enter us to a new plot full of drama, twisted arguments and lot of the same magic we used to. I have to give high prize to this novel because is so well written, I can see further success to Lippert because he style is marvelous, encourage and transport the rader to his world that, even when is set in the world Rowling had created, he owner like a professional and make it fresh, new and still wonderful.


6333646James Potter And The Curse of the Gatekeeper

For James, a new school year brings some worrying questions about the new headmister, as well as the new increasing fear than an enterely new and unspeakable has entered the world, one whoose origins stretch all the way back to the time of the founders. Unsure who to trust, but knowing that all of his hopes hinge on the questionable loyalties of one individual, James faces a struggle that challenges he deepest fears... and he most secrets hopes.

You can dowload this book for free as ePUB and Kindle.

Original Cover

My Thoughts

I give this book a lowest rating because when the previous was so wonderful because the fact we were entering Harry Potter's world again in this one, we can see something that we missed in the other, the fact that James supposed to be the funniest of the Harry's children. I think that Sr. Lippert, while trying to make a wonderful plot full of serious issues, missed the fact that James needed to be bold and funny, and always making jokes about the things he saw, just as the Weasley twins and Sirius (the lovely Sirius). James was so worried about his brother and all the things that were happening that he didn't have was makes him essentially who he represents at the end of the Deathly Hallows, the new fun guy who would bring back the marauders' legacy at Hogwarts. 

Despite that, this book is as wonderful as the previous, and again I have to congratulate to Sr. Lippert for such wonderful well write book.


The third instalment of this series is James Potter and The Vault of Destinies, which you can also download as ePUB and Kindle for free. The fourth, called James Potter and the Morrigan Web, can be found for free on the official website of the series. The fifth and last book of the series will be called, James Potter and the Crimson Thread, and it's still without releasing date (bacuse Norman Lippert is very busy with all his day work). 

It's need to be mentioned that all James Potter book are free to download but you can buy G. Nomran Lippert's full lenght novels or buy him a coffee (donating to the website).



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