#BookReview: A South Texas Christmas by Stella Bagwell

5562113A South Texas Christmas by Stella Bagwell

Series: Men of the West #8
Genre: Contemporany Romance
Publication: November 1st 2006 by Silhouette Books
"You heard me. I'll be your new boyfriend. Anything wrong with that?"

Raine Crockett stared at the handsome lawyer in disbelief. Just about everything was wrong with Neil Rankin coming down to the Sandbur ranch and posing as her fiancé, not the least of which was that his mere presence set her on fire. And he just had to make their romance realistic, right? A loving kiss, a protective arm around her shoulders. She could get used to his affections, but what would happen when their little ruse was over?


My Thoughts

This was one of my first books in the contemporany romance that I read so while enjoy it there are few things that didn't work for me.

The first thing I didn't like is the mysterious past of the Raine. When I found out about the reason of the whole decieve I was really dessapointed. The holes in that story  didn't keep the mystery in the book, so I already new what was all about since the very begginning. At the end when Raine give the explenation to Niel is so flaw and pointless. The story has lot of things in there that don't make sense.

Other thing that I hate was the instalove. The romance was so rushed, maybe the author wanted that they were together by christmas then she would have made them know each other earlier. He was cute with her, I granted him that but that actittud was so over the top. 

I felt that the dialogue were too open, and they said things that shouldn't be said. The way the author write makes it so confuse to when the explenations were told. I admired that even she writes at all because I definitely can't write a whole book but I think that this story needed a little bit more of pulished.

The only thing that I liked was Raine because I can relate to her about the overpretected way the mothers acts, though, I wish she would have become more independant of her mother. By other hand, I didn't like the personality of Neil too much, but I kept reading because of him, to know more about how he was falling in love for Raine.

Overall, I think is an entertaning book. But besides some aspect of the characters I really don't like at all. And don't have any ancious to read any other of this series, sadly.




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