Songs that... could be great Chick-lit books

Hello, my dear readers! How have you been? It's spring at the North, right? Here, at the Caribe, we only have two types of weather, Shine and Rain, sadly. For South countries is Fall. How beautiful should be on there? 

Well, we have what we deserve, and believe me that one of the perks of live here is that we can go to the beach everytime of the year, we can make pinics outside without think about the chance to rain and we can have fun no matter what. Even if it raining!

Anyway, today I'm here to share with you for second time this meme Songs that... where I make a list of those songs that could be great as X genre/type of books. 

This time I picked songs that could be wonderful Chick-lit books. This genre is about women on her late twenty with succeed careers and, by general, work in the comunication world or entertaiment (TV, publicity companies, magazines, fashion...). This are 3 songs that I think could be great as this genre:

Acapella by Karmin

One of the funniest songs I've heard. It would be a great Chick-lit book because, through the song, we can experience the fails of love from the girl and the share of the perfect man. At the same time, we could have the fun interventions of the parents, who seem to be funnier than her. Definitely, a book I wish I could read. 

Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

Some of you may think it could work better as a contemporany romance, yes it could, but I would prefer it as Chick-lit. Can you imagine the plot? A ordinary woman who never has done something to impress a guy, always into her own world and sunddely she meet the man of her dreams and decides to change. Can you imagine how funny would be to see through that change? With all the things Demi wrote on this song, I perfectly pircture it as a Chick-lit book.

I Say Ok by The Saturdays

Lastly, but not least, I share this song. I pick this song because is about this girl who is just pretty nothing out of ordinary but she believes on herself; she may not lives in a big city, hang out with rich and famouse people or has fancy clothes, but she is sure of who she is. She goes out with her friends and impress boys just for herself. This somehow remembers me to Sex and the City. I really wish to read a book like this.

I hope you like it. What you think? Which could be those songs you think could be great Chick-lit books?



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