#BookReview: Billy And Me by Giovanna Fletcher

Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher
Genre: Romance 
Pages: 286 
Publication: May 23, 2013 (Penguin UK)
Sophie May has a secret.

One that she’s successfully kept for years. It’s meant that she’s had to give up her dreams of going to university and travelling the world to stay in her little village, living with her mum and working in the local teashop.

But then she meets the gorgeous Billy – an actor with ambitions to make it to the top. And when they fall in love, Sophie is whisked away from the comfort of her life into Billy’s glamorous – but ruthless – world.

Their relationship throws Sophie right into the spotlight after years of shying away from attention. Can she handle the constant scrutiny that comes with being with Billy? And most of all, is she ready for her secret heartbreak to be discovered and shared with the nation?

My Thoughts

I knew about Giovanna from time ago (besides the fact that we share same the name), my sister listening McFly long ago and I did it as well (it is very hard not to, if you knew my sister you would know she can imposes everything she does, great power but sometimes annoying). Since I knew that she had written a book I was interested on it, but I forgot to get it, and it wasn't until a few weeks ago when I saw it on the blog La Inmortalidad del Libro that I remembered I needed to read it. And the only thing I regret is that I haven't done before.

Bill and Me is told in first person by Sophie May, a shy, friendly, loving, laudable and big-hearted girl who lives in an idyllic village carrying the local cafe with her best friend Molly. Everything seems quiet and perfect until arrives the crew of a new Pride and Prejudice's film, and with them comes the favorite heartthrob Billy Buckner. Upon meeting each other, the sparks fly when she felt things she hasn't felt for anybody and he's charmed by her normal and simple appearance. However, not everything is rosy, Sophie has a secret that could jeopardize his relationship with Billy, and there are people in the industry who are not happy that the golden boy date an ordinary and boring small-town girl. This romantic story shows us that no matter which worlds we come from, we still can fall in love and that we must always think about the other and how much we love each other and respect.

Only one word can describe my reaction to this love story. SPECTACULAR! It is the best debut novel I've read. Giovanna is great writer and developing of characters. The way she describes them, how they grow and how the plot is great, interesting and encouraging to keep going.

Sophie is a beautiful heart, friendly, sympathetic and sweet girl I've read. In each of the pages I felt so close to her. I fell in love with her, suffered with her, laughed with her. It was so easy to get into the skin of this warm person and feel like it was also my own feelings and actions. It was great to live with her everything that happened throughout story.

However, my favorite character was Molly. This is the most unselfish person I ever read. She is so great that made me want to make my own coffee shop to follow her example. She helps those who she can without expecting anything in return and is so cheerful and lively. It is the most different friend I've read so far, and you'll see that if you decide to read this book.

'You’ll finally be able to end all the rumours then – on who’s playing Mr Darcy?’
‘Well –’
‘All the schoolgirls that come in here have been harping on about this teen hot-shot bagging the role, apparently he did some big trilogy thingamabob – not my cup of tea really, never seen it. Erm, Billy something …?’
‘Mmm … but me, I’m hoping for Jude Law,’ I declare.
‘Yep … I know it’s a long shot but he’d be much better at it than some newbie heart-throb who probably doesn’t know the first thing about romance or desire. So, do you have any idea if you’ll be joined by the one and only Mr Law?'

While Billy is a great character and the whole thing, I have mixed feelings about him. Early in the book I longed for him, like, he's completely different from those protagonist we are used to; he's a rather helpful, friendly and cute from the snobby and egotistical actor who could think. But when he's into his job inverment he loses that that make me like him in the first part and becomes selfish and superficial. The fact is that even when he changes so much, which displeases me emotionally, I think it was great that Giovanna created him this way because that made him real, believable. Not all boys are perfect and less in the world of entertainment. But what if we do is pining for him, mourn for him, wanting to kill him at some point, but still love him.

This novel is great and I recommend it to everyone who wants to have a good time. It is so perfect that once you finish reading, you can not take that sense of wonder and joy. Every time I see the beautiful cover (oh, how I love this cover! Simple but beautiful) I can not get the smile off my face and feel that warmth in my heart. Brings many feelings from reading. It's like a roller coaster of feelings that is worth riding. Highly recommended. MUST READ THIS BOOK!

I can not wait to read You Are The One I Want which release day is soon.


About the Author

Giovanna grew up in Essex with her Italian dad Mario, mum Kim, big sister Giorgina and little brother Mario, and spent most of her childhood talking to herself (it seems no one wanted to listen) or reading books.

At thirteen she left Essex behind to attend the full-time Sylvia Young Theatre School, where she met her husband Tom Fletcher. Following SYTS she completed an acting BA (hons) at Rose Bruford – since then she's been acting, chaperoning mini actors and dabbling in a spot of freelance journalism.



  1. Hola,es la primera vez que escuchie sobre ese libro y he de decir que desperto mi curiosidad jejeje.
    Un beso

    1. ¡Hola! Es un libro muy lindo deberías darle la oportunidad.

  2. Hola! Guau, que interesante. No tenía idea de que la mujer de Tom escribía. Me intereso mucho la sinopsis y por tu reseña, ya quiero leerlo. ¡Saludos!

    1. ¡Hola!
      Me alegra poder haber ayudado a que te interese el libro. Definitivamente es una lectura que vale la pena.
      Pues esta es la primera novela de Gi y es muy buena. You Are The One I Want sale en mayo y no puedo esperar para obtenerla.



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