#BookReview: One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands

17334051One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands
Series: Argeneau #19
Genre: Romance Paranormal / Vampiros
Pages: 236 
Publication: September 24th, 2013 (Avon Books)
Luck be a vampire tonight . . .

When Nicole Phillips agreed to hire a housekeeper, she pictured someone a little frumpy and almost certainly female. Instead, she gets gorgeous, unmistakably male Jake Colson. The man is proving indispensable in the kitchen—and everywhere else. Except Jake might not be a mortal man at all.

. . . and every night

Who wouldn't want to be a tall, dark, powerful vampire? Jake, for one. He's barely had time to adjust to his new state before he's roped into a family favor. Still, secretly playing bodyguard to sweet, sexy Nicole is turning out to be the wildest ride of his life. First he'll put a stop to whoever's targeting her. Then he'll prove that this kind of love, and luck, happens only once in an eternity.

Mi Opinión

I bring you today a review for a complitely different genre from those who I been review lately, about vampires. If any of you read my review of Bite If You Can, you'll probably know that Vampire Argeneau series is one of my favorites. I saw it by chance on the blog Seducción Literaria and the argument was completely different from the current vampires stories circulating over. It is about science. Totally and completely on science and out of the lost soul and stuff. While it is always good to classical, I love this modern twist the myth of vampirism here and how the author makes it a super original idea.

This story follows Stephano (aka Jake), whom we met as the ViceVicent of the day shift of Argeneau's company. Jake was attacked and almost on the verge of death, when Vincent gave his only change to not let him die. The interesting thing about Jake is that he is no vampire by birth as other favorite characters from the series, he is the firstborn of the companion of Robert Notte, from mortal father and has a younger brother, Neil, who is vampire. Because of his mortal origin, Jake doesn't know the secret of his family until he reaches his 18; but even with the information about bad vampires and good hunters, he doesn't take the news well. So he leaves his family and tries to stay out of contact with them.

Stephano Jacob Colson NotteStephano Jacob Colson Notte, however, after seven years of exile, the infamous Marguerite Argeneau, locates to ask a favor (and all fans of this series can imagine what involving favors from Marguerite). Then, Jake agrees to protect Nicolle, a successful painter to lived inexplicable events that happen that could have cost her, her life. she's in a difficult process of divorce lacking only two weeks to complete. Therefore, all her family is worried, and the "noble" and "disinterested" Marguerite, looking for ways to help with the problem. And her solution is Jake. Under a series of entanglements and deceptions starts the nineteenth installment of this interesting series of vampires - or as they prefer to be called, immortals.

As I said Jake is not in accordance with his immortal state, and if were by him, he would rather die than be converted. That is why, it is interesting to see this state from the standpoint of rejection. Since many of the previous characters embrace it and somehow, they wish to be turned. But Jake is completely different, making him bitter and lonely. While Nicole comes from a dark and tumultuous marriage that wants to escape as soon as possible and despite being aware that her husband in a pain in the ass, she doesn't think he wanted to kill her. But equally, doesn't trust in love and doesn't want to be hurt again.

Pushing that worry away for now, he said, “Look, I’m sorry to call out of the blue, but I need Jackie’s help.”
“Jackie?” Vincent asked with surprise.
“Who is it?” Jackie asked in the background. “Is it for me?”
“Hang on, babe,” Vincent said, his muffled voice suggesting he’d covered the phone with his hand. Voice clear again, he asked Jake, “What’s up?”
“I’m a bodyguard now,” Jake said in case Vincent wasn’t as well informed as Marguerite.
“Yeah?” Vincent asked with interest. “That sounds cool. How do you like it?”
“It’s a lot less exciting than it sounds,” Jake said wryly.
“Yeah. So is detective work,” Vincent said on a disappointed sigh. “Bloody boring most of the time. A lot of sitting around, watching and waiting.”
“So is being a bodyguard,” Jake assured him.
“Man, what’s up with that?” Vincent asked with disgust. “I watched a lot of shows to train for helping Jackie with her cases; Castle, The Closer, Criminal Minds, even old Magnum P.I. Not one of them had the hero sitting around twiddling his thumbs and—hey, cut it out, I’m on the phone here, woman.” There were the muffled sounds of what might have been a short wrestling session and then Vincent said, “Sorry, Steph. So what can we do for you?”

We can have firsthand the evolution of the relationship between the protagonists. While vampire things are important, this is a love story with a whimsical touch, and that is what we will have. So to convince Nicolle to love again, Jake (who doesn't know the facts of life mates because he left home barely be converted) with the help of Marguerite, the twins Dante and Tomasso, and other characters from previous books tries make her fall in love for him. And the main thing is using the argument that Nanos never are wrong so there's no way that she will have a broken heart.

The story is in constant suspense and mystery events. There are super hot sex scenes worthy of fainting (literally) life mates. However, all the good it damages at the end. Find out who is the person behind the "accident" and the purpose of the relationship between Nicolle and Jake is pretty weak. And not that I'm against open ending, but this is incomplete for me. Similarly, I wanted to have a glimpse of Lucian, but he never appeared. At the same time, I think - and this upset me - that Lindsay is now getting with the Notte family and may be fine and everything, but I still prefer the Argeneau and would like to see more of them. There are still people to write. Fortunately, the next book in the series is about Basha Argeneau and Marcus Notte, and this will be spicy.

In conclusion this is a great novel and can definitely be read very fast. Although the last pages are loose, is otherwise very entertaining. You also have to give credit to Lynsay about makes the series as fresh as possible and keeping each of her novels in this series originals as possible. Of course there are things that are going to be relatively equal but thank God the plots doesn't become repetitive. Her writing is great and easy to understand. You have to give the opportunity to both One Lucky Vampire Argeneau as the whole series.


About the Author

LYNSAY SANDS is the nationally bestselling author who is known for her hysterical historicals as well as the popular Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series. With her witty and charming personality, Sands describes books as, “Waking dreams or stories, tales to amuse, entertain and distract us from everyday life.” She’s been writing stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly lucky to be able to make a career out of it. Her hope is that readers can get away from their everyday stress through her stories, and if there are occasional uncontrollable fits of laughter, that’s just a big bonus.



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