#BookReview: United We Spy by Ally Carter

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Cammie Morgan has lost her father and her memory, but in the heart-pounding conclusion to the best-selling Gallagher Girls series, she finds her greatest mission yet. Cammie and her friends finally know why the terrorist organization called the Circle of Cavan has been hunting her. Now the spy girls and Zach must track down the Circle’s elite members to stop them before they implement a master plan that will change Cammie—and her country—forever.

My Thoughts

End. There are sagas that the end is necessary, books that stretch so much that it is preferable to cut sooner. There are others whom I never wanted but unfortunately they just have to end. Some endings are not always as expected and end up surprising you for better or for worse. But certainly, for me, the end is bittersweet. Especially when they are my favorite sagas. Like Harry Potter end was hard after my childhood with it. Or more recently with the Covenant saga for I got good and bad tears.

However, ending the saga of Gallagher Girls is the most difficult of all ends for me. I began this series when it was short to come out the third book. And by then it called attention the long but fun title of the first book I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You. At that time, Cammie "Chameleon" was a girl a little shy and noble who had never had a boyfriend in her life and everything that she had ever known was be spying, speak more than five languages ​​and more than three ways kill with a spaghetti. Thanks to her we met the innocent Josh, her friends Bex, Lizz and new student Masie, as well as the Director Morgan (Cammie's mom) and the new teacher of Special Operations, Mr. Salomon.
What I'm going to miss the most are those list!

In the fisrt book we see the love issues Cammie faced and how afected her spy life. On the second me got a new test when boy arrives to Gallagher Academy (and we meet Zach!). Then, the third is about how dangerous things get when she tries to protect her friend when later is turn out she was the one in danger all along. By the fourth we have Cammie fighting for her life and her love ones. Then, the Fifth we see Cammie search for answers. And finally, in the Sixth, we got all the card in the table, the bad guys waiting to be stoped and Cammie is who going to stop them. This book is full of action, romance, suspense, humor, action and more action.

United We Spy is the closure of the famouse Gallagher Girls series, which started in London. Cammie is looking for the founders of Cavan Circle, she knows that one of them is the embassador of USA at Rome, but now she's looking for the rest before Katherine finds them and eliminates them. Of course in the process Cammie may try to saves the world as well, only if she got it write it on her agenda. This time the best and risk are higher, so when Cammie and her friends understood that they're not longer save inside the Academy, they run into the real world to kick some bad boy asses. From Rome to Alaska, to New York, The Gang doesn't stop till unmask the enemy and save innocent life.

(A list by Cameron Morgan)

  • Hot chocolate. Seriously. The guards who find you are going to insist that you keep moving and change into warmer clothes, but the real medicine is hot chocolate. The hotter and the chocolatier the better.
  • Turns out, if you escape from a high-level detention facility, really big, really macho guys stop looking at you like you’re cute and start looking at you like you’re awesome.
  • After doing a climb like that with no gear and no help, nobody seems to think they need to drug you to get you OFF the mountain.
  • The trip home takes A LOT longer when you’re fully conscious.
  • Long trips are an excellent time to think.
  • You may totally not like what you’re left to think about.

Here we see a huge evolution from the characters since the first book, when they just one step ahead the real world and face what's beyond the Cavan Circle and the spionage world. Cammie specially has gron so much through the series, but she never loses her sense of humor and her characteristic way to tells her adventures. We see her watching over her friends, familly, and of course, Zach (even when he can protect himself). Lizz, Bex and Masie also give us so much, and she face their fiers and shose where they want to be.

PRO: Nothing helps take your mind off of stumbling into (and almost messing up) a live CIA operation like makeup work.
CON: We had to do a lot of makeup work.
PRO: We no longer had to wonder whether or not Zach’s mom was going to come after Preston at the embassy.
CON: We had no idea where Preston was.
PRO: Zach was back.
CON: I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was just a matter of time until we all had to go away again.

Ally gives us some twist that very much can leave us with a WTF face. Like Zach's father identity. The only thing is that the end is very open, but I think that is beacuse this series is so complicate to finish when it has lot of fans, so I think that it was a gift from the author to us to create our own happily ever after ending and doesn't dissapoint anyone. I don't think she will write more books from this series (which would be great). 

“What is a Gallagher Girl? She’s a genius, a scientist, a heroine, a spy… a Gallagher Girl is whatever she wants to be.”

Lastly, I love Lizz's speach, and there's when you realeasing like for cent that is over now, that those are the last words from the Gallagher Girls. So Sad.  This was a wonderful final episode of these girls. Even when I didn't wanted to be finished I think it was perfect. I fuly recommend this book to all eho love spies novels, Young Adult, and taught characters. It totally woth!

About the Author

Ally Carter writes books about spies, thieves, and teenagers. She is the New York Times Best-selling author of the Gallagher Girls and Heist Society series. Her books have been published all over the world, in over twenty languages.



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    1. Ese libro aún no está en español... Sucede que con la separación de PR y BZ, ya no sé quien los traduce, no han sacado esa saga desde el cuarto. Yo lo leí en ingles, pero como tiene tan poco tiempo de haber salido al mercado, aún no lo han traducido.

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