Book Tag V: El Chocolate

Hello, my lovelies! How have you been? I bring you this new book game. For those who don't know, I love chocolate, it's delicious and here on my country the Cacao is very important for us, which make it even special. So, what's best than make a book game about Chocolate?

I saw this book tag at I Heart... Chick Lit, and I thought that was so good that I need it to do it as well. This game is just about to highlight a book based in different types of chocolate. Here we go:

Dark Chocolate (a book with a dark theme). 

Honestly, I usually don't read darkness book's themes becuase I hate crying and I'm too sensitive about those kinds of things, however, isn't that I never have read one. I chose Craked Uo to Be by Courtney Summers because the girl is devastate and do everything possible to ruin her own life, she keeps a dark secret that hunters her badly. I can also mention Forbbiden by Tabitha Suzuma, which I haven't read yet but I do know that at least will make me cry a river.

White Chocolate (a light book with humor). 

I LOVE chick-lit, I like to laugh and have a great time with a book, and this genre pretty much says what I like to read: To enjoy the world. So, I pick my first ever read from this genre The Factor Ex by Andrea Semple. It's still on of my favorites. 

Chocolate-Milk (a book full of sugar you want to read)

You're The Only I Want by Giovanna Fletcher. Can't wait!!!!

Chocolate with candy (a book that makes you sticky inside). 

Another from Mrs Fletcher, Billy and Me. Do you know those books that after you read it, it leave you with a big smile, a warm sentation and waiting for more from the author? Just exactly how I felt about it.

Wafer free Kit-Kat (a book that surprises you recently). 

The Betrayal by S. J. McMillan. I didn't expect that a mexican mythology (I don't have anything against it) from a indie writer (or anything against an indie author) was this good. Maybe because it was my first indie author and I didn't know what to expect but I really recommend it, because this book it's awesome.

Snickers (a book from you're crazy about). 

Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout!!!!

Warm chocolate with cream and marshmallows (a book that gives you comfort). 

When you want to feel love, understood and warm, you just need to read a YA from Rachel Hawthorne. My favorite is Thrill Ride.  

Box of chocolate (which series you've read that has variety and is perfect for everyone?). 

Her honor. The series of the series. Nothing more and nothing less than Harry Potter. It's my favorite series of all, and thanks to it, I got into the bookish world. It books and movies can bring kids from around the world with different age, colors and believes. But the more important is the bunch of message it gives t the readers. 

Now, I want to eat chocolate. I just go and find some. Happy reading!



  1. Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma definitivamente te va a hacer llorar! Es un tema fuerte pero que de verdad de hace pensar! No he leido la serie completa de Harry Potter, pero ya veo que es como una caja de bombones. XD I love chocolate, so this post was just for me! :)

    1. I love Chocolate too! The plot calls me but I not quit sure, I'm not really into the crying thing so I'll see!!
      Harry Potter is wonderful and a truly chocolate box!

      Thanks for past by!



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