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Hello, my lovely readers! Today is a special days, because finally arrived to Corazones Literarios the second book of Pegan Eyes by Rayne Noire, Revelation  and my review about this amazing book. Even better, you could get the chance to win an Amazon Gift Card! Don't miss anything and read below. Enjoy!

Rayne Noire is a historian and she had learn a lot about magic and wiccan (something that I'm really like to explore) throught her life. Now, she can use her historian skills on her books and created this amazing world of magic and time travellers wiccans. But I want to know more about her. Don't you? So I'm glad to have her on Corazones Literarios. Welcome Rayne! I'm so happy to have you here! What do you have for us today?


The great thing about being a writer is that travel is research. Every place I go I gather information. Here’s ten places I’d go if I had the money.

New Orleans- I am interested in the haunted aspect as opposed to Mardi Gras.

Easter Island- There is something about the large stone heads looking out into the sea that intrigues me.

Scotland- The people and the populace are a favorite of writers.

Australia- There is a different vibe there and koala bears. J

New Zealand- Can anyone say Lord of the Rings? 

The Amazon River & Rainforest- I know I couldn’t explore it all, but I’d enjoy a peek at the diversity that exists there. It would be an indulgence for the science teacher in me.

Dominican Republic- My dream is to own a B&B on the coast someday. I’m shopping for location.

Florida Keys- I am beach and paperback book type of gal too.

 Las Vegas- Actually, I’d like a return trip since it would be a great place to locate a story.

 Green Turtle Island- this is a tiny island with cottages on stilts, no television, no phones and no air conditioning. I’d like to check out from everything and experience nature. I bet there’s some great snorkeling in the sparkling clear waters too.

I’d be curious to discover where everyone else wants to go.

Your picks are amazing, I do share some of them... I have to say, The Amazon River is a beautiful place; its pass throught all my country. Also you should check El Santo Ángel. Up! writers inpired in Venezuela's Amazon to created the jungle on the movie. Glad you want to go! And thanks for pass by and share this amazing places with us. So, my dear readers let see something about Revelation by our Rayne Noire!

Revelation by Rayne Noire

 by Rayne Noire
Series: Pegan Eyes #2
Genre: Paranormal YA

The Blurb

Nora’s impending college graduation is a triumph over the dark incident in her past that changed her life and stopped her best friend’s.  Balancing school, work and her demented admirer at the diner is tough.  All she has is six more months, but it similar to walking a tightrope blindfolded.

Life-like dreams pull her into the 19th century world of Clayton.  A man who declares he’s her soul mate.  Even though, she’s decided against romance, the young witch finds herself drawn to the Irish healer, even hearing his voice in her head.

This would make most people question their sanity. Nora needs to find out if Clayton is real and if she’s crossing over into another world in her sleep. If she is, will she end up stuck in the past? Can magic bring them together?

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Excerpt 1

His eyes sparkled with humor as he held out his hand to her. “Climb up, darling. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Familiarity colored his voice as if he greeted an old friend. Nora knew she’d have remembered a dark-eyed hottie with curly hair and a wicked smile. Better yet, the bright green and yellow wagon he stood on was definitely memorable, especially with its fanciful drawings on the side and the two draft horses in the traces. Was she remembering part of a movie or a story Nana told her? That was it. Nana was part Romany Gypsy.

Still, it didn’t make sense if she was in the story and the unknown man spoke English. Part of her wanted to take his hand and step up into the wagon to take off with him. At times, he looked into her eyes, not only as if he knew her, but also liked what he saw, which made his invitation tempting, very tempting.

The man dropped his hand. “Oh, I see you’re still not ready, my Nora.”

“How do you know my name?”

The man jumped down from the wagon, startling her, invading her space. His face filled her vision. She had to admire his strong jawline, and the crinkles around his eyes when he smiled caused her heart to beat faster. Her lips turned up naturally in response.

“Nora, Nora, how could you have forgotten me? I have loved you through several lifetimes and searched for you in each of mine. My life was desolate until I found you in a dream.”

She was dreaming. That made sense.

“Nora, Nora.”

Why did he keep repeating her name? He said her name as if he knew it well, without a blink or a hesitation, not like those fraternity guys trying to hit on her who could never quite remember her name, calling her everything from Nadine to Noreen. One even called her Norad, which she promptly informed him stood for North American Aerospace Defense Command. As she recalled, her would-be Romeo stumbled away, muttering, "bitch” loud enough for her to hear.

Men never worked too hard to romance her. Her purpose in attending college was to get an education, enabling her to obtain a decent job. A good portion of the girls who came to school felt the need to cut loose by skipping class, drinking too much, and having sex with guys they didn’t know or couldn’t remember. Often those same girls flunked out in less than two years. As a scholarship student, she needed to keep her grades up.

Why didn’t she know his name?

His voice became higher, sounding more like a woman’s, and he shook her shoulder vigorously. Why would he do that? Ogden would do that, but not this mysterious man.

“Nora, get up right now, or you’re going to be late to your clinical.”

Tonya’s voice broke into her sleep-drugged thoughts. Her eyelids fluttered opened to the morning sunlight streaming around her curtain, indicating the time. “Oh, I overslept. Thank you, Tonya.”

Her clean uniform hung on the hanger in front of her closet where she left it. The ironed smock and pants gave her a little reassurance that she’d make it on time. Some of the students showed up in wrinkled uniforms, and from standing too close to them, she suspected a few were unwashed, too. How could a person make it this far in the physician assistant program and still not take it seriously? Nora took it seriously. Of course, she did.  She took everything in earnest, probably the curse of being the firstborn.

Tonya kept a running commentary as she dressed. “It’s not like you to be late. I even heard your alarm go off, so I came into the room. You had a big, stupid grin on your face. Was it a good dream?”

Thinking back to the man in her dream, she’d probably call it perplexing as opposed to good. Yet, she was happy she’d remembered. Part of her recognized him and was glad to see him. “I guess you could call it a good dream.”

“Ah ha.” Tonya grinned and shook a finger at her. “I bet you were not dreaming about Ogden then.”

Grabbing a brush, she ran it through her short, dark hair. A shower would be better, but she’d given that up when she chose to continue to dream about the dark-eyed man instead of getting up on time. “How do you know I wasn’t dreaming about Ogden?”

Snorting, her roommate shook her head. “Girl, now’s not the time for it, but…”

Nora knew her outspoken roommate would say whatever was on her mind. Holding back wasn’t her way. One of the things she enjoyed about the colorful Jamaican. “Go on.”

“All right, I will.” Placing her long-fingered hands on her ample hips, she started, “We’ve been friends for almost four years, right?”

Nora nodded, thinking back to the day they ended up together. Her assigned roommate had reported her when she’d lighted a candle in recognition of the Goddess. It hadn’t been the lighted candle, even though it was against the rules. Nope, her roommate had told her the Goddess statue creeped her out. Called her a Satanist then reported her for open flames. She should have reported Crystal for smoking in the bathroom, but she hadn’t. Instead, in a panicked moment, she’d pictured her career and scholarship vanishing.

Excerpt 2

“You brought me over before?” The memory of him jumping down from the wagon came to mind.

“I have. I believe you remember.” He cocked his head, and his eyes twinkled as if he could read her thoughts. “My heart danced with joy, but then, you were gone that quick.” He snapped his fingers to demonstrate.

How one man’s could carry her across time, even for a second, was a mystery. The idea of being out of control should have frightened her, but paradoxically it didn’t. Clayton didn’t frighten her.

“I have no say in this?” She placed her fisted hands on her hips and threw him a glance that had the more friendly interns backing away.

“Ah, my Nora, the same fire as before.” He shook his head at his words and then added, “I do not claim to understand the ins and outs of such matters. Your will enters into it, too. At first, you didn’t stay long. I think I surprised you. Now, your stay has been much longer than before. It must mean you want to be here.”

His confident smile and knowing look irritated Nora. She thought of a few put-downs that worked well on other men who tried to chat her up, but a log fell in the fire, sending up a flurry of sparks. The sudden motion stopped her automatic response and drew her attention to the sparks as they flared and disappeared.

Her glaze went back to Clayton, whose alert countenance was brighter than any spark. What if he was right? How could that be? She’d never had the opportunity to have a normal boyfriend as most teen girls did. It didn’t mean she hadn’t had a few crushes. Still, they paled in comparison to what she felt sitting there, a sense almost of belonging. It was hard to understand why this one man would have such an effect on her, especially after she’d given up on that part of her life. Still, it wasn’t fair to this charming man to let him believe that there might be something between them.

She stood, unaware of how to explain what she needed to say, but it couldn’t be explained sitting. Hands behind her back, she paced around the fire, one side of her body alternately heated by the closeness to the fire while the other side felt the nip of the falling temperatures. “Clayton, you seem like a nice man.”

“Ah, here it comes.” He raised his hand toward the sky. “Just like when you were a princess and I a lowly footman. You gave me the long speech about how different our stations were in life.”

“I did?” Nora almost remembered, if she really tried, a haughty princess and a lowly footman in some dark corner of her memory.

“Do you remember now?” Clayton stood and watched her as she paced. “Do you remember how I responded?”

Memories of the offended footman sweeping up the haughty princess materialized in her mind. “You, you, you…” She was unsure how to say it. “You changed my mind.”

“That I did. That was then. I understand things are different now, and you need healing more than a lusty embrace.” He walked slowly toward her, stopped a foot from her, and held out his arms. “I am here for you.”

A cry bubbled up in her throat as she took two running steps into his open arms. Clayton wrapped his arms around her and rocked her gently. “Go ahead, cry it out. You have the right.”

The crying she’d denied herself for so many years suddenly erupted, flowing like lava. Nora wept until she could weep no more. Her sobs continued for minutes until they became less and less, morphing into occasional hiccupping.
The wood smoke irritated her eyes as she lifted her head from Clayton’s shirt and vest. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”

His embrace tightened as he rested his head on top of hers. “You needed the cry. I am willing to bet you do not allow yourself to cry or show any weakness often.”

With an indelicate sniff, Nora wiped her nose with the back of her hand. “You’d be right. I can’t remember the last time I cried. I suspect it was when my dog Brownie was killed when I was twelve.”

Clayton gave her an extra squeeze before loosening the embrace.

Cold, she wanted to ask him why he let go, but realized he was fading away. “Clayton.”

My Thoughts

I like this book, was really warming. We have Nora, she had a difficult time of her teenage and she had building a life where the most exciting thing she have is her horrendous old stalker. She date with this annoying doctor just because he keep her away from others guys when nothing really happend between them. That spark of life is not there, and she is not willing to find it. Till she meet this gorgeous guy on a dream and everything change. Now she is looking for something more, the magic that is missing in her life. 

I love this, how the author make her vunerable but she is waking up of that lack of fantasy dream of what her life was and start to think she could do better and try to fight for it. She really captive me on that, and makes me learn and realize that the way Nora was living is not really a thing a want to have... And everyone should understand that too. That we have to fight on life and also to enjoy it. 

The way the author write could feel on some point that in really heavy. And It is. I mean, this is not a lightly novell, here you going to find a plot, and lot of feelings. But also is captivating, you're reading and you're not notice it... I recommed this book, hope you enjoy it as I did!

I give it 4 hearts

About the Author

Rayna Noire is an author and a historian. The desire to uncover the truth behind the original fear of witches led her to the surprising discovery that people believed in magic in some form up to 150 years ago. A world that believed the impossible could happen and often did must have been amazing. With this in mind, Ms. Noire taps into this dimension, shapes it into stories about a Pagan family who really isn’t that different from most people. They do go on the occasional time travel adventures and magic happens.

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¡Hola, mis queridos lectores! Hoy es un día especial, porque finalmente llega a Corazones Literarios, el Segundo libro de la serie Pegan Eyes por Rayne Noire, Revelation. Tenemos de invitada especial a la mismísima autora, pero también podrán leer mi reseña sobre este. ¡Incluso mejor, tendrás la oportunidad de ganarte una Gift Card de Amazon! No te pierdas nada y lee a continuación. ¡Disfruta!

Revelation por Rayne Noire 

Revelation por Rayne Noire
Serie: Pegan Eyes #2
Género: Paranormal YA

La sinopsis

La graduación de la Universidad de Nora es un triunfo sobre el oscuro incidente en el pasado que cambio su vida y la aparto de su mejor amiga.  Balancear la escuela, el trabajo y el acosador de la cena es bastante duro.  Lo único que le falta seis meses más, pero es lo mismo que caminar sobre una cuerda floja con los ojos vendados.

Un sueño sumamente real la lleva al mundo de Clayton en el siglo 19.  Un hombre que declara ser su alma gemela.  Incluso cuando, ella se decide en contra del romance, la joven bruja se siente atraída al curandero irlandés, e incluso puede oír su voz en su cabeza.

Esto crearía más preguntas sobre su salud mental. Nora necesita saber si Clayton es real y si ella está cruzando a otro mundo cuando duerme. Si lo está, ¿quedará atascada en el pasado? ¿Podrá la magia colocarlos juntos?


Sus ojos brillaron con humor mientras tendía la mano hacia ella. “Sube, querida. He estado esperando por ti.”

Familiaridad coloreo su voz como si saludara a un Viejo amigo. Nora sabía que recordaba a un sexi hombre de ojos oscuros con cabello rizado y una sonrisa juguetona. Mejor aún, el brillante vagón verde y amarillo donde estaba parado sin duda era memorable, especialmente con esos dibujos de fantasía a los lados y los dos caballos que tiraban de él. ¿Estaba recordando parte de una película o un cuento de Nana? Eso era.  Nana era parte una gitana Romana.

Aún así, no tenía sentido que ella estuviera en la historia y que el desconocido hablara  Inglés. Una parte de ella quería tomar su mano y subirse al carro e irse con él. A veces, él la miraba a los ojos, no sólo como si la conociera, sino también como si le gustara lo que vio, lo que hacía de su invitación tentadora, muy tentador.

El hombre dejó caer la mano. "Oh, ya veo que aún no estás lista, mi Nora."

"¿Cómo sabes mi nombre?"

El hombre saltó del carro, sorprendiéndola, invadiendo su espacio. Su rostro llenó su visión. Ella tuvo que admirar su fuerte mandíbula, y las arrugas alrededor de sus ojos cuando sonreía provocaron que su corazón latiera más rápido. Sus labios se curvearon de forma natural en respuesta.

"Nora, Nora, ¿cómo pudiste haberme olvidado? Yo te he amado a través de varias vidas y te he buscado en cada uno de las mías. Mi vida estaba desolada hasta que te encontré en un sueño".

Ella estaba soñando. Eso tenía sentido.

"Nora, Nora."

¿Por qué seguía repitiendo su nombre? Pronunciaba su nombre como si él lo conociera bien, sin un parpadeo o una vacilación, no como esos chicos de la fraternidad, que intentaron algo con ella, que nunca podían recordar su nombre, llamándola desde Nadine a Noreen. Uno incluso la llamaba Norad, el cual ella le indico que era perfecto para el Comando de Defensa Aeroespacial de América del Norte. Como recordaba, su aspirante a Romeo se alejó, murmurando "perra" lo suficientemente alto para que ella lo oyera.

Los hombres nunca trabajaron muy duro por ella. Su propósito en asistir a la universidad era obtener  una educación, lo que le permitiría tener un trabajo decente. Una buena parte de las chicas que iban a la escuela sentían la necesidad de faltar a clases, beber demasiado, y tener relaciones sexuales con hombres que no conocían o no podían recordar. A menudo, esas mismas chicas reprobaban en menos de dos años. Como estudiante becada, necesitaba mantener sus calificaciones altas.

¿Por qué ella no sabía su nombre?

Su voz se hizo más alta, sonando más como una mujer, y él sacudió su hombro con fuerza. ¿Por qué haría eso? Ogden haría eso, pero no a este hombre misterioso.

"Nora, levántate ahora mismo, o vas a llegar tarde a la clínica."

La voz de Tonya interrumpió sus pensamientos. Sus párpados se abrieron a la luz del sol que entraba por debajo de la cortina, indicando que ya era de mañana. "Oh, me quedé dormida. Gracias, Tonya."

Su uniforme limpio colgaba en la percha delante de su armario donde ella lo había dejado. El blusón y los pantalones planchados le dio un poco de tranquilidad de que ella tendría tiempo. Algunos de los estudiantes se presentaban con uniformes arrugados, y al estar demasiado cerca de ellos, ella sospechaba que unos pocos estaban sin lavar, también. ¿Cómo puede una persona llegar tan lejos en el programa de asistente médico y todavía no tomarlo en serio? Nora lo tomaba en serio. Por supuesto, que lo hacía. Ella tomaba todo en serio, probablemente, la maldición de ser el primogénito.

Tonya mantuvo una conversación corriente mientras se vestía. "No es como que llegues tarde. Incluso he oído que tu alarma se apagaba, así que entré en la habitación. Tenías una gran sonrisa en la cara. ¿Fue un buen sueño?"

Pensando en el hombre de su sueño, ella probablemente lo llamaría desconcertante en vez de bueno. Sin embargo, ella estaba feliz de que lo hubiera recordado. Una parte de ella lo reconocía y se alegraba de verlo. "Creo que se puede llamar un buen sueño."

"Ah, ja." Tonya sonrió y agitó un dedo en ella. "Apuesto a que no estabas soñando con Ogden, entonces."

Tomando un cepillo, ella lo pasó por su pelo corto y oscuro. Una ducha sería mejor, pero la había dejado de lado cuando decidió seguir soñando con el hombre de ojos oscuros en vez de levantarse a tiempo. "¿Cómo sabes que no estaba soñando con Ogden?"

Bufando, su compañera de habitación negó con la cabeza. "Chica, ahora no es el momento para ello, pero..."

Nora sabía que su compañera de piso diría lo que fuera que estuviera en su mente. Guardarse las cosas no era su estilo. Una de las cosas que disfrutaba de los coloridos jamaicanos. "Adelante."

"Está bien, lo haré." Colocando sus manos de largos dedos en sus anchas caderas, comenzó, "Hemos sido amigas durante casi cuatro años, ¿no?"

Nora asintió, pensando en el día en que terminaron juntas. Su compañera de cuarto la había acusado cuando había encendido una vela en reconocimiento a la Diosa. No había sido la vela encendida, a pesar de que estaba en contra de las reglas. No, su compañera de piso le había dicho que la estatua de la Diosa la asustaba. La llamo una satanista y luego la reporto por la llama encendida. Ella debería haber acusado a Crystal por fumar en el baño, pero no lo había hecho. En cambio, en un momento de pánico, ella había imaginado a su carrera y la beca acabarse.

Mi Opinión

Me gusta este libro. Tenemos Nora, ella tuvo un momento difícil en su adolescencia y ha construido una vida en la que lo más emocionante que tiene es su horrendo acosador de avanzada edad. Ellasale  con este doctor molesto sólo porque la mantiene alejada de los demás chicos cuando en realidad nada pasa entre ellos. Esa chispas de la vida no está allí, y ella no está dispuesta a encontrarlo. Hasta que ella conoce a este chico  en un sueño y todo cambia. Ahora ella está buscando algo más, la magia que falta en su vida.Me encanta esto, cómo la autora la hace ver vunerable pero va despertando de ese sueño falto de fantasía  que era su vida y empezar a pensar que podría hacerlo mejor y tratar de luchar por ello. Ella realmente me capto con eso, y me hace entender y darme cuenta de que la manera en la que Nora estaba viviendo no es realmente algo que deseo de tener... Y todo el mundo debe entenderlo también. Que tenemos que luchar en la vida y también disfrutar de ella.La forma en que el autor escribe podría sentirse de algún modo pesada. Lo es. Quiero decir, esto no es una novela ligera, aquí se va a encontrar una historia compleja, y muchos sentimientos. Pero también es cautivante y te atrapa, estás leyendo y no te das cuenta... Yo recomiendo este libro, ¡espero que lo disfruten tanto como yo lo hice!

Yo le doy 4 corazones

Acerca del Autor

Rayna Noire es autora e historiadora. Su deseo de revelar la verdad detrás del miedo real en las brujas le permitió sorprendentemente descubrir que la gente creía en la magia 150 años atrás. Un mundo donde se creía que podía pasar cosas grandiosas y que muchas veces ocurrían, debía de ser genial. Con esto en mente, Rayne Noire habla sobre las dimensiones, colocándoles en la historia de la familia Pagan, quienes en realidad no son tan diferentes de la mayoría de las personas. Ellos a veces viajan en el tiempo y hacen magia.

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