Top Ten Tuesday (10): Unique books

Hello! Today is TTT day, this time is about share those books we think are unique and surprising, but they could be positive or negative. Here we go:


Top Ten Tuesday was created at The Book And The Bookish. It's about write a list of ten items with a specific theme given by the girls from that blog.

1.- Los Ángeles de Emily by Helen R. Green (review). This is a recent read and it seems unique to me because the way it was wrote. I mean, the author has a way to describe so rightly, is like have a literature teacher telling a story. And it sn't bad, this book can be capting and bring you a really good moment. I got impresed because how good this bok is writing.

2.- Heist Society by Ally Carter (review). This is one of my favorite book from Ally Carter and, also, my favorite from that series. For me, it's unique because it story. I haven't found a book that compare to it, somethin with thiefs, humor, love, chick-lit, mistery...

3.- Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter. I like how Ally writes, and I haven't found a book about young spies that has that much of humor, romance and mistery so well constructed.

4.- Harry Potter. I really love HP, definitely is impresive, and so wonderful. I love the characters, and the way the story keep growing through the whole series.

5.- Paranormalcy by Kristen White. This bok can not be copied. The characteristics it has are marvelous. This book has a very fresh idea and very interesting.

6.- Unchaines by Jennifer L. Armentrout (review). I do not put this book here because I love it, but for the contrary, because it is the first book by JLA that I didn't like. I always enjoy everything she write but this time the characters were flaw, some scenes pointless and lack of emotions, which is very wierd since the plot is really original and interesting. But, sadly, it was a desapointment.

What do you think? Which are your picks?




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