Book Review: La Novia y El Cabello by Joeanne Rock (Spanish/English)

The Wedding Knight

Hello! Today I have for you this review from a book that don't below to all that book tours I'm host... That's the reason why is bilingual, so for everyone who read spanish (the book is on spanish) and those who don't here is both reviews! Keep reading and foind out!

La Novia y el Caballero by Joeanne Rock
Original name: The Wedding Knight
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 318 (print)
Published: 2005 (Spanish edition) (Harlequin)
ISBN: 978-84-9000-111-0
The Blurb: Lucian Barret knew that desire his brother's future wife was an unforgivable offence. Then, why he feels that the passion for Melissande is pure... and right?
Just weeks before she become a nun, Melissande Deverell find herself in Lucian Barret's arms, her childhood friend. Even if he describe it as idyllic, the idea of merrying with Lucian's brother to save herself for her fate don't make her feel better. Because Lucian'd awakened on her the desire for forbidden things.

My Thoughts - English

This book I go it thanks to my friend Andy, who have this new online book store, Gardens Book Store, so I brought it from there. She was really great and responsable, and it wasn't expensive. So for spanish readers at Venezuela, I recommend to buy book with her.

Now the review. So La Novia y El Caballero tells the story about Lucian, who has a dark pass (yeah I know!) wich make he think that he don't worth to be love (yeah, I know!). He had always been in love of Melissande, but she prefer her brothers (yeah, I know!!!). Anyway, he owns a dept  to his brothers so the way he can pay it is kidnap Melissande from de convent she is living and bring her to his brother to mary with her. But she then falled in love for him and things change.

I know is kind of cliche but we have, even so, we love to read them. I'm not going to talk about the plot for the same reason but I going to talk about the characters. Starting with Melissande, wich I don't like her name, she has this fire personality that lit up on avery trouble situation. She is also sweet of we can say so, I mean, with all her personality she doesn't try to be mean and even so she is so innocent. She just has a really high spirit to find new things and learn. 

Lucian is the natural sturbbon from any romance novel; I mean he is ok, and he fix into the story just that is another man wich don't has any highlight that I should mention, because he is just like the others. Roarke, Lucian's borther, is actually diffenrent from what you have read before. At start of the novel you could think that he is a mean person and a facist and dictator but he's not. And even, you could like him more than the others characters. 

This book was very entertainment. Of course, another love story but even so you going to like it because you can spend a great moment with it and never get boring. The written, well is clear and easy but, I don't know if it's the spanish translation, there's is few big words. Is not that justc have to looking for on a dictionary but you not heard them very often, maybe never. 

So you, know you should give it a try!

I give 3 hearts

My Thoughts - Spanish

Este libro lo tengo gracias a mi amiga Andy, quien tiene esta nueva tienda de libros en linea, Gardens Book Store, y lo compre desde allí. Ella fue genial y responsable, y no fue muy caro. Así que para lo lectores en Venezuela, les recomiendo comprar libro con ella.

Ahora la reseña. Entonces, La Novia y El Caballero habla sobre Lucian, quien tiene un oscuro pasado (¡Si, ya lo sé!), lo que lo hace pensar que no merece tener amor (¡¡Si, lo sé!!). Él siempre ha estado enamorado de Melissande, pero ella prefería a su hermano (¡¡¡Si, lo sé!!!). De todas maneras, él tiene una deuda con su hermano y la única manera de pagarla es secuestra a Melissande del convento donde vive y llevarla con su hermano para que este se case con ella. Pero entonces, ella se enamora de él y las cosas cambian.

Sé que esto es muy cliché pero nos encanta leerlos. Yo no hablaré de la historia por las mismas razones pero si de los personajes. Comenzando con Melissande, de la que no me gusta su nombre, ella tiene esta personalidad de fuego que da píe a cualquier situación problemática. Ella es también bastante dulce, si se puede decir eso; es decir, incluso con su personalidad tan fuerte, ella no intenta ser mala y muchas veces es super inocente. Ella sólo tiene un espíritu muy alto y el deseo de conocer más. 

Lucian es en siempre cabeza dura de las novelas románticas; Digo, él está bien, y es perfecto para la historia, sólo que es como cualquier otro hombre y no tiene nada resaltante que deba mencionar, porque él es como los demás. Roarke, el hermano de Lucian, es en realidad diferente a lo que he leído antes. Al comienzo de la historia podrías pensar que sería malo, un fascista y dictador pero no es así. E incluso, te podría gustar más que los otros personajes. 

Este libro fue bastante entretenido. Por supuesto, otra historia de amor pero que puede gustarte porque pasarás un buen momento con ella y no te aburriras. La escritura, bueno, es clara y fáci; sin embargo, no sé si es la traducción en español, pero hay algunas palabras grandes. No es que las tengas que buscar en el diccionario pero no las escuchas mucho, o incluso nunca.

Pero de todas maneras deberías darle un chance.

Le doy 3 corazones

About The Author

Joanne RockThree-time RITA nominee Joanne Rock turned a passion for writing into a career when imaginary characters kept her awake at night, demanding she tell their stories. The author of over seventy romances in a variety of subgenres, she enjoys writing medieval historicals, contemporary romance and, most recently, Young Adult books under the pseudonym JK Rock with her writing partner, Karen Rock. A former Golden Heart recipient, Joanne has won numerous awards for her stories. Her work has been reprinted in twenty-six countries and translated into twenty languages. A mom to three teenage sons, Joanne spends her free time cheering on their athletic endeavors and frequently reminding them of the value of reading a good book. She has taught writing, film and fiction at a college level and enjoys sharing her passion for the arts at creative writing workshops, career fairs and with aspiring writers she meets on Twitter. 

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