Book Review: Spirited Legacy (Lost Library #2) by Kate Baray

Hello, my lovely readers! I'm so pleased to present this book today here on CL. I've the wonderful oportunity to read this book and I can say that I Love it... but, keep reading and find out more...

Spirited Legacy by Kate Beray
Series: Lost Library #2
Published: July 8th, 2014
ISNB-13: 9780996057844
Purchased: Amazon
Lizzie receives an offer she can’t refuse—an internship at the Lost Library, home to hundreds of magical books. And to make the deal even sweeter, her prospective boss has offered to act as her magic mentor. What’s a girl to say, but yes? Except…there are the questions of her unresolved love affair, her recently acquired arch enemy, and a haunting past.
Can Lizzie tackle a new job, learn the magical ropes of spell casting, and save her relationship with an amazing man—all while eluding her nemesis? She’ll sure as hell try.
Join Lizzie as she muddles through another magical adventure, with old friends and new, making the most of what life—and the afterlife—throw at her.

I recived this book from the author in exchange for a honest review...

My Thoughts

This was an excited read. I just could control my emotions reading it. Was wonderful, funny, and trapped since the beginning.

Spirited Legacy is the second book of the Lost Library Series, continuous the story of Lizzie and John. Lizzie finally awakes her magic and is trying to work with it; John, after his absent from the pack territory, is trying to set the thing down in it. But an impromptus call put their world upside down again. Lizzie is offering to work in the newly discovered Lost Library, but the fact that the job is in Prague, and that she has to leave John behind, put a dark cloud above her head. Now she has to figuring out if her magic is more important than love and if she is willing the risk to lose her true love for it.

Lizzie never had bothered me too much. At the previous book I thought I didn’t would like her but then she owns me. She was kind, lovely and such a good person always helping people. In this second book is amazing how we can see the developing of her character and how much she has grown up from the first book. She’s a complete new persona, still kind and charming but with courage and definitely, more strong. 

But she never left her sense of humor and her crazy thoughts. I laugh out loud so much with her occurrence; she was funny, lightly and, as I always had said, positives. She doesn’t let that circumstance bring her down, doesn’t matter how badly it is. Always fighting for something good. That’s something remarkable.

John, well, I love John. We starting this novel with John in not good move with Lizzie, but even at then, he’s still concern about her and try his very best to not upset her more. Always make me laugh, when he said: “What did I do?” He’d spend most of the novel try to be understanding to her. But I also felt really sorry for him with all he had to spend through just to be with her. And you know, he said it himself: he’s an Alfa male, he can’t help himself. So, when he pumps up all the overpossessive manners, I was not really angry about it.

So, I was like frustrating with all Lizzie’s mood swings about their relationship. It was like I want to scream: girl he’s there for you! Control yourself, for Goddes sake! And particularly about this back and forward emotions, I think that Ms. Baray purposely made us think that maybe she could be pregnant. Because there are few things Lizzie said but if you’re not paying much attention, you’re going to miss it. And you’ll be like: Really? When? What? But, I’m not going to say if she is or not, you need to read this book.

About the plot, I like very much the mind of Kate in this book. Seriously, she brings lot of emotion through her pages; you never get bored because every word keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next. I like very much how she mixed all the magic’s elements into her book; she is creating a wonderful new world of paranormal alliance. But almost as I love Europe, I would like to see more about American magic community. So I just can’t wait for read about the Texas Pack and all it secrets at the upcoming books.

However, as for the Pack Book, I wasn’t concern because I was totally caught by Lizzie’s story so that wasn’t very important at the moment. But absolutely I would love to know more about the Lycan’s world and their rules.

Overall, this book was like seen a movie. Funny as hell, catching since the first page. If you like kick ass hero, a strong, taken risk heroine, lot of magic and book spells, grey and black wolf and an intriguing mystery, I can’t recommend this book enough. Worth every time you’ll spend with it. 

I give it 5 hearts

Book 3 is schedule for Fall 2014 and I just can't wait to read it! This Series become better and better. You need to read this book. My fav quote is actually the last few words in the prologue but I won't put it here because are a huge spoiler! But they're was amazing!! 

However, I can give you this next excerpt... 


Lizzie felt a hard yank on her scalp. She wanted to cry out, but no sound emerged from her lips. Someone was dragging her down the garden path. Her muzzy, pain-filled brain tried to put the pieces together. 

The painful pulling at her scalp was joined by a steady wrenching feeling in her shoulder. She must have passed out for a moment, because suddenly she was inside the house and being pulled across a floor. She could feel the wood floor and then the rug underneath her—but it was all distant and fuzzy, like she’d just woken from a dream but wasn’t yet able to think clearly or move. She could feel even those sensations start to slip away as her thoughts became hazier. A sharp pain pierced through the darkness. Her body slamming into a wall? A doorway? Briefly she tried to grab at the doorjamb she was being yanked past, but her fingers wouldn’t move to clench the frame. 

She was so tired. Even the mounting terror couldn’t keep her awake. She didn’t want to die like this. She didn’t want to die at all, she thought right before she lost consciousness.

She woke briefly as a guard pulled her body this way and that, tying her feet. Her shoulder screamed with a tearing pain, and tears were running down her face. She could just barely make out Worth speaking in the background. He was giving instructions to one of his men for evacuation. As she struggled to hear anything that might hint at their destination, the guard had finished binding her feet and moved to her hands. He pulled her hands together, wrenching her damaged shoulder. She bit frantically down on the inside of her cheek as waves of pain tore through her. She didn’t want Worth to hear her scream, she thought, a fraction of a second before her mouth filled with her own blood, and she lost consciousness.

You NEED to read this Series!!

Mostrando KB_Close Crop Face.jpgAbout the Author

Kate Baray is an urban fantasy romance writer. She writes and lives in Austin, Texas with her pack of pointers and a bloodhound. Kate has worked as an attorney, a manager, a tractor sales person, and a dog trainer, but writing is her passion. When she’s not writing, she volunteers with a search and rescue team, sweeps up hairy dust bunnies, and watches British mysteries.

You can find Kate here:



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