CL Weekly #3

It have been three weeks since I did this recap. The things was the fact that my internet service was like crap this past (almost a month), which was nada bueno. Also, my cell phone was broken, and I was also dying because of it.

Fortunately, everything seems fixed right now but I'll see.

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On my shelve

I have been so lame with reading lately. Actually, I'm only have read a book this week, which was Drawing Amanda by Stephanie Feuer, soon to review.

Drawing Amanda


Come Bact To Texas by K. K. Hendin
The Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswich by Marcia Lynn McClure
For Love and Country by Elizabeth D. Michaels

  For Love and Country 

Guest Blog:
Girl Power Through The Ages by Maid of Deception's author, Jennifer McGowan.

Deep Down Things by Tamara Linse

Cover Reveal:
AlibiZ by Karice Bolton

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