When an author glorify her Stalker behavior and try to turn in out into “investigative Journalist”

Yesterday, Twitter burn down with the release of an essay in The Guardian by the author Kathlee Hale, who write, as if she made the most amazing thing in the world, how she stalker a book blogger, online and in person, and shows up at book blogger home and call at book blogger work place. Sadly, I wasn’t yesterday live to knew all this by first hand but I do read the whole article and the answers by readers, bloggers and author. But there’re three things that piss me off so badly.

1) The fact that book blogging is not longer save

I’m been in the blogging world almost like seven years with different blogs through all this time, but my book blog, Corazones Literarios, it has five years online. In all this time, I’m feel save and happy to belong to this community. My parents, specially my dad, had always tell me the importance of not show my personal information in the web, and to be careful of the things I say or how I act. And I have followed the rules.

Though, is always a fear that I would misstep something and give more that what I should. There’re crazy people out there and we need to be careful. And that’s exactly what this women turn out. Now should I be afraid to post a bad review online? Should I have to lie when I post a review? Shouldn’t I post reviews at all?

What about those author who can’t accept the bad opinions about their books? Should have to worry for sociopath to be after me if I post a bad review? I really don’t want to think of that but this kind of incident make me think that, the community that I love so much, is turn out in a place where we can’t share our passion anymore. 

And that is really sad.

Not only that but there’s also the sue a book blogger is having because she posted some information about a publisher, now happened this, and I wonder: is more important the book that the life of the person your ruining?

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2) Is acceptable to Stalk a person just because she/he don’t like your book?

Reading the article of The Guardian I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh of the insanity the author was saying or cry for the serious thing that that was. 

How could I old women goes through all internet to find the REAL ADDRESSEE and PHONE NUMBER of a girl? While I read the easy I convinced more and more that Kathlee Hale need medical attentions right away! She’s out of her mind. She was drunk when she decided to go to the book blogger house. Is normal for her get drunk in the afternoon? 

And the fact that is not condemn that she had gone to the girl house after looking for her like an obsessed through internet. Even she looked for the help of the famous MTV host of Catfish to help her to resolve the “issue with her catfish”. And The Guardian and Kathleen Hale both are using the meaning wrong because Catfish is when a person fakes an identity to establish a relationship via internet with someone in particular, but have a pseudonym on web isn’t catfishing. What Hale made WAS catfishing but few don’t really care about it, and believe the ridicules she did.

Also, she said on the essay that the girl was defending herself saying that reviews aren’t for author, which is TOTALLY truth. We don’t made reviews for the authors, publisher or editors to read them, we do them for fellow readers. Those who like books as much as us and don’t need to WASTE their time reading a crappie story, don’t you think? 

I respect all author and I'm very much grateful for the stories they share with us but they need to understand that their books won’t like to all of us. There’re books that I totally love but others hate so much, u other that I don’t like at all but other heart so much. There’re colors for all tastes and everybody is different and beautiful because of that. Nobody need to take the reviews to personal because isn’t about the author BUT the book. 

Read VacuousMix’s risk to be part of book blogging community and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books’ explanations of KH behavior

3) In what world that is “Investigative Journalism”?

I’m a journalism student, almost to graduate, and I was so shocked, outrageous, and angry when I read that the easy was called “investigate journalism”. First of all, the form of the journalism is about to bring to the people topics of interest like crimes, corruptions or corporations wrongdoing (Wikipedia), and seek a publish characters. It isn’t about a personal topic to humiliate some in the news.

Isn’t about a woman who is seeking revenge of a girl who made a negative review of her book. Isn’t about a girl who love read and get caught in the mind of some with mental issues. Before, someone say something so wrong as calling this journalism, should first get all the knowledge to speaks. 

Finally, Authors should know that critics never would burn down someone career if that person is strong enough to resist. Kathlee Hale become a stalker not matter what the book blogger did or didn’t. Which I haven’t see proof on that yet. There’s not tweets or anything that confirm the blogger behavior. And the author just quotes but never posted the actual tweet. And besides, when an author release a book lost the right to choose the opinions of the work.

There always going to be good and bad opinions, what we do we them made the difference. She chooses wrong.

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