A Bookish Talk: Why e-readers are not a betrayal of physical books

A lot of people have this disyuntiva. There's always the question of who is better, the physical book or the ebook. People really don't know how to stop in the subjet each time. The only thing that really matter, for sure, is the need to read. But what about the method we use to it?

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Some thinks that physical books are the truly good way to read because the old fashioned ways. Meanwhile others think e-readers are betters 'cause it promotes the new generations to read into the digital era. What it's really truth is that nobody reach the a common sense because all they want is have their own truth. 

I found this awesome way to put both sides in considerations and think about the pros and cons of each of them. As everything in life they have good and bad things, and Rachel Tulipano on her article on GenTwenty made a good case of them both. Check this out.

Physical Books
Romanticism: there’s something extraordinarily romantic about turning the crispy pages of a physical book.
Mass: physical books have a heavy weight that must be considered when carrying around or traveling with printed texts.
Aroma: printed books have an anticipated odor; a uniquely musty scent that offers many readers
comfort, reminding them of old libraries and bookstores.
Capriciousness: physical books can be somewhat unreliable, given that bookstores cannot guarantee that a book is in stock at a particular time.
Physicality: printed books are real and tangible, allowing readers to crack the spine of a fresh book.
Expenditure: physical books tend to be priced at a high rate, given the cost to publish and print books on countless sheets of paper.

I'm always up to physical books but as you can see in the previous table, I think that the cons are heavier than the pros. I love the romanticism of them and the fact that we could have them in our shelves with beautiful covers but besides of that, there's nothing more with them, and I could very well say, that there's very superficial pros. So, if your up to physical book because of this reasons, I think it a total fail.

Space: one of the biggest perks about e-readers is how much space each model contains. E-readers can typically hold 1,500+ books on just one device!
Display: e-readers come with LED backlight display screens, which allow readers to read even in complete darkness. However, e-readers are not practical methods for reading in direct sunlight, as it can be difficult to see the text.
Efficiency: readers can download books online in just 30 seconds, without the hassle of combing through bookstores in search of a book that
may be out of stock.
Expenditure: the initial cost of investing in an e-reader starts around $140+. Unfortunately, this opening price does deter readers from purchasing e-readers, even though e-books can range from $0-$25.
Eco-friendly: though there’s proof that e-readers and printed texts both have environmental benefits and drawbacks, for the most part e-readers are more eco-friendly as they do not require excess paper and ink distribution.
Non-transferable: some e-readers, such as Amazon’s Kindle, allow a reader to send their book to a fellow Kindle owner for a two week span. More often than not, though, electronic books cannot be lent as printed books can.

But here's also more heavier considerations. What I like the most of e-readers is the fact that we could have lot of books into one of them, like millions of books, and that makes easy to read and faster. Though, the sight complications are taught, like the LED light makes us all reader damage in our eyes. Actually, I use glasses because of it. 

So what do I think?

I think that is up to each person. If someone can have the accessibility to buy physical books or e-readers is up to each of them. Each method was created to entertain people as to make life easier, so why no use them?

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For example, I can't buy physical book all the time, if I do it is because it a very special ocasion, I can't make it because I want it to. Here in my country (and mostly all Latin America), books's prices are huge, so get lot into a book store is only to see them on the shelves but can't buy them. Other thing is that we don't get book to often and those we like, almost never get here.

So e-readers works for me because prices are lower and I can have, instantly, the new release or those book who would never get here. Though, I love physical books and their smell, and the beautifully way they look in my shelf!

Do you see?

All the fight about which is better is just a very foolish thing, because it doesn't matter which you use, you're reading. E-readers were made to make easy the life of lot of readers who could get their hands on physical books, just like me. It's matter the circunstance  and the posibilities of each reader.

So, What about you? Do you think this all fight about who read format is useless? Which method you use to read? Which works better for you?



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