Corazones Literarios Reader's Survey and Giveaway

I'm taking part of the 31 Days Better Blogging Challenge hosted by Rachel of Parajunkee's View. Today, she sign us the task to create a reader survey with the purpose to catch what readers think about our blogs and that way we improve as blogger, taking your advice in consideration. 

31 Days of Better Blogging: Reader Survey

This survey also arrives with a prize, so if you're so lovely to give me a feedback of the blog (which doesn't need to be good but honest), you would stand the chance to win a suprise bunch of ebook of the genre of your choice. Below you can find the form where the answer are up. (You can check Parajunkee's View Reader Survey here)

If the form don't open quickly, you always can go HERE

Thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate it.



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