Sharing love in the book community

Lately, the book community has been fooled with lot of bad feelings, there's something or the other, but is always situation that makes us, readers, fall into the negative path. Sometimes, we lost the hopes for a good blogging, which affect us as if we broke with a boyfriend. But, there's people out there that want to change that and want to make book community a better places as was before all the drama begging. 

Today, I want to share with you two initiative, that I'm completely sure, would help to change the way we see each other and how we interact to each other. The first is a Love-a-thon hosted by Alex from Alex Love Books, where we going to spread the love to fellow readers and bloggers, and also, authors and publishers; everything with the principles of love and caring. During this Loveathon will be mini-challenge, twitter chats and giveaway!

The second is a lovely way to share the good things we have experience in the blogging community, called Ramdon Acts of Kindness, hosted by Estelle & Magan from Rather Been Reading and Jamie from Perpetual Page-Turner. So the idea is to write those things that others have made to us (good things) completely anonymously, so nobody need to know who did it to you. All this is to demonstrate that there are still kind people who would do good things for others.

Random Acts of Kindness

So, don't miss the change to participate on the revamp of the book community!



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