The Perks of a International Book Community

It's well known that the book community is international; easily we could find someone from Manila to New York, from Australia to Greece, and also there's a huge part of Hipanoamericans sharing the love for literatures. I think this could be the most globalized fandom in the world.

Words can't be stop by language, race, religions or thoughts. They're a way to express the way we think and the things we like. We all relate to that, I can't think of someone that hasn't meet or read from another who lives in other country yet, even if is from the same continent.

What I do know it's all of this is very relate to me. I won't give you a tale my life but when I started blogging few years back, my English was in it first steps. I was just starting to learn this language, and I struggle with my dad so many times when he was teaching me.

I recall a very funny moment (may it isn't for you) when I was learning the pronouns. Of course, I first learn the ABC, so after that, everything was "You, He, She, We..." I learn them all so quickly that I was so proud of myself (hey! you need to know I didn't speak English at all), but the "I" was a big nightmare for me. I was so confuse because for me "I" was "i", and it could be use to referring to "me". The funny is that I knew I needed to understand way that was the way because then I couldn't keep learning more, so my father and I fight for that single latter each time and I walked out so furious always, but then five minutes later, I came back with my head down asking him to explain me over and over, till I finally understand it.

Actually, it was more like let it be.

Right now, I remember that moment and it makes me laugh because (despite I was so stubborn) I have improved so much trough the years and now I have my blog entire in English. How amazing is that? I have to admit that at the beginning I was so terrify to do it, but I understand that if I don't take risk I never would get the chance to conquer anything. I'm very proud and happy to write my blog completely in English while I'm in South America and speak Spanish.

And I own it mostly to the blogging world I'm part of. This is just one of the amazing things that happen here.

What about you? Do you learn any new language thanks to blogging? Did you have the opportunity to meet a new culture thanks to blogging? Do you meet someone from another country?



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