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One of my goals this year is to share with you some tips from the things I do to fix the blog. I have to admit that I'm not an expert but I do know some about it. And it's my pleasure to help you with whatever I could.

I'm a links color junkee, I love to change them and fix them by my taste. So, this opportunity I share with you an easy way to change the links colors. I know that it seems like a stupid thing to share but I struggle with them  before I manage to do it this way (thanks to my obsession with them).

For example, I look for free templates on the web everytime I want to change the look of my blog and they came with predetermined options (as the links). 

First we have to check which the color of the links of you template is: 
1.- For that, we're going to the main page of your blog.
2.- Put the mouse over a link, then click on the right button of your mouse and click Inspect Element, which going to open another window below. 
3.- Inside this window you're going to find two boxes. In the box of the left it will be highlighter the element in HTML. In the box of the right you're going to find some CSS specifications, like, the font, the dimensions and the color.
4.- The right box is the one you need to care about because there is where you going to find the color you need to change. 

To look for a new color:
5.- Go to Google and search color html and open one of the millions of websites shown. I always use because is easy and quick to pick the color you like. 
6.- Then pick the color you like, and keep it open till you need it.

To change the colors:
7.- We have to go to blogger > setting > template > edit html
8.- Then click into the coding box and press Ctrl+F to open the search inside it.
9.- Copy the color code you looked for in the first step and paste inside the search box.
10.- Then replace it with the new color code you looked for in the second steps.

Notice that there are others parts of the template where it could be the color code so you need to keep search for them till you replace them all. Save template and pesto! New links colors as you wish! 

Recomendations: *Always read before you change anything. I mean, when you open the main page of your blog be careful to look exactly where the link code is, like what valors have up and down it (such as color: #D70101; outline: none; text-decoration: none; transition: 0.2s; - This valors could change depends of each templates), that is for you to know where exactly you need to change the colors code. 

*If you're new in this, check the preview before save the change so you'll be sure that it looks good.

*Never forget to check if the color code have # before it, because it won't work if doesn't have it.

Hope this could help you and make easy the way you customize your blog. It does help me. 



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