Is reading a hobby or an escape plan?

Last Friday I participated on the Feature and Follow hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  The question last week was which do we prefer fantasy books or realistic books? Only one of all the blogs I checked take as fiction and non-fiction, but mostly, bloggers opted for fictional books that feature a) things no real (urban fantasy, high fantasy, warebeast, vampires, wizards, and many others) and b) those who feature true issues (like contemporary romance, historical romance and those). Almost all of them choose fantasy.

Through all that back and forward of opinions there was something that everybody say: I read to escape reality. I try very hard to not be shaken by this statement but it grasped around my heart and I couldn’t let it go. When I was younger I thought the same way that I used to read to escape from reality and travel to other worlds. Though, I still travel to other worlds I don’t feel that I need a getaway anymore.

When I wondered myself the REAL reason why I like to read, I checked every single aspect of my life, my wonderful parents, my lovely sisters, the opportunities life has given to me, my dreams and desires, everything and everybody who was around me and I understood that nothing of that should affect why I do or less to do things I like. I understood that – no matter what you want to call it: destiny, fate, life, anything – the problems your faces in your life today create what you’re going to be tomorrow. Then, I take the grip of my life and become confident of the things I like to do and to share it with others.

And I don’t want to disrespected any other fellow bloggers/readers (as someone say that didn’t want to bother anybody to say that if they don’t read fantasy is because their life are amazing – which I totally get her opinion) but I quite feel like is a very depressing thought. I mean, life have so much to offer, there are so many beautiful places to go, things to do and find out that I can’t fandom to run away from it.  And I was so afraid to say it at that moment because I didn’t want to disrepute any of them. But, it's just that I like to see things for a bright side rather than a more depressing way.

I do know that reading has help so many people to pass through rouge moments of their life and it actually help them to escape from horrible situations, things that maybe I can’t even imagine. So, It’s not like I’m judging the reason why they read, is more like I NEED to say out loud, to write it somewhere and scream to everybody that I read because I enjoy it, because is a hobby. Like, few people like to bike for entertainment, I like to exercise my mind with words, when people like to take photos for fun, I like to picture characters and scenarios in my mind.

So, what’s the difference between a hobby and an escape plan? I think that a hobby is when you’re doing it just because is fun to do, because relaxes you and makes you spend a great time. And an escape plan is for those who (maybe sound rash) doesn’t like what they living, which I think they should face it rather than escape from it. Again, I don’t want to upset anybody, this is all about how I feel about ME reading than to why other read or not.

In general, I read because I like to, it’s fun, relaxing and entertaining. I like to read because I’m good at. There, I said it, I feel better now. And I won’t put the fellow questions I always write because this is my statement and if you share it is wonderful and if you don’t is also wonderful because you have right to think wherever you want. I just want to say: Thank you for reading me! J



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