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Love Strung by Jamie W. Matlock 
Series: The Love Series #2 (Can be read as a stand-alone)
Publication date: January 21st 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
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Country music hopeful, Kennedy Masters is a leap-before-you-look type of woman. Live in the moment, the here and now. That’s her policy – anything other than that is boring, and she’s never been particularly interested in boring. So, when she makes the irratic decision to join country music’s reigning star, Mick Callahan, on his tour bus after a show, she’s just living right up to her life’s motto.

The only problem? Her snap decision making lands her on the front page news and it’s for less than desireable reasons. Even worse is the fact that Mick decides she’s his next conquest, irratically announcing to the public that they’re engaged.

Her only option? Hiding out at the Callahan Ranch until the storm blows over – a decision that she’s not altogether pleased with, but one that she must follow considering the circumstances. When unexpected sparks fly upon meeting Mick’s mysterious older brother, Griff Callahan, Kennedy’s left sorting through matters of the heart – something that’s not exactly her forte.

And her career? Well, it’s been labeled TBD.

Kennedy must figure out a way to deal with her heart and her career, all while fighting her own feelings and fending off someone else’s.

My Thoughts

I like this story very much, I think that it’s very sweet and does show a tender way into the love. A piece that features the pro and cons of love and choices. Thought, I quite divide about how much I like it.

We got Kennedy, a girl with lot of attitude who wants to be the next big country start, though her way hasn’t been quite good yet. We got Mick, the reckless golden boy of country music who uses whoever is around him without giving it a second thought. And we got Griff, a bitter man who always is there to clean the mess his brother left behind him. All those three that faced their story of their life with this tangled of lies and music.

I have to be honest and say that at the beginning I was kind of lost because I couldn’t understand what Kennedy was doing and I almost DNF it, the prologue for me was pointless, but I keep reading and give it a chance. After what I thought was the most stupid way of Kennedy to annoy a fellow woman (I mean there’s better ways to do so), I quite felt what she was dealing with.

I think that my biggest problem with this book was Kennedy, because the fact that we’re living this story through her is a sure way to love her or hate her. For me isn’t even more than she made wrong decisions is the fact of how she justified them. Though, I liked that she showed a very different way of her personality though the end of the book.

By other hands, I never could actually hate Mick, not even in the beginning of the book, because either way, Kennedy could always have worked things differently and all those mess stuffs couldn’t get the pick their got. But I liked what he did at the end and how he redeemed himself. A very honorable choice.  Though, my favorite character was, with no doubt, Hannah. She was the glue of everything and she gives the innocence and humor this story needed.

Overall, I find this book very enjoyable. A love story that not necessary shows that love is important but family. If wasn’t because the protagonist I could have give it a better rating, I couldn’t fold with her like I would have to.



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Love Strung by @JamieWMatlock is for all those who like a story with passion, hilarity and love/family problems. A way to show that love conquer all.

About the Author

Jamie W. Matlock is the author of The Love Series, which includes Love Aced & Love Strung. Bored with punching a clock and watching dust collect on the frame of her marketing degree, she decided to turn her lifelong hobby into a career and hasn't looked back since.

Known for mixing both humor and drama into her novels, she likes for her readers to experience a gamut of emotions while enjoying one of her stories. She's also a sucker for flawed protagonists, strong male characters and incredible sex scenes, so be on the lookout for all three in each of her novels. 

Outside of writing, you can find her spending time with her family, yelling at a television screen during sporting events, nursing her coffee addiction and coupling a good book with a glass of wine.


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  1. Great review, Giovana! I'm glad the book turned around for you after the problems you had at the beginning. Thanks for hosting, today! :)

  2. Yes, I'm glad I finish it as well! XD Thanks, for passing by!



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