Been Sick Sucks


Hello, my dear readers! 

Here, I'm again. I know that is a month and few days since the last time I wrote something here, but the truth is that I've been sick all this time. I feel really ashame because I wasn't capable to accomplish some compromises with authors who I say I would help to promote their works, and also to those Book Promotions companies that I work with whom I let down as well. 

To all my readers, authors and Book Tours companies I say I'm so deeply sorry. But really what I have wasn't easy to get along and I felt terrible sick all those days. What I have is a South American's disease, I really don't know if in North America or Europe even have a word for it (it called "Dengue"). 

Though, I don't want to write the details of it because experienced was horrible enough and beside, because I don't like to read about others experience with sickness. I feel sad for them but I'm sensitive for those things so I just give them my support and just that. Never read their entire post just the first or second paragraph (if this doesn't have any details) and wish them to get well soon.

Fortunately, I'm better right now (not completely heal but better) and ready to make it up to all of you I let down. I will answer the comments and the emails you send to me. Thanks for your support even while I wasn't here and you still read my blog!

Again, so sorry to all of you.

Love, Giova.



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