Banoffee Pie adapted for Venezuelans

When I saw for first time this dessert on Oh She Glows, which is a version of My New Roots', I knew that I have to do it. It seems so amazing that I couldn't resist, even better that everywhere I look for the recipe says that it was the most easiest and delicious pie they taste ever. There wasn't anything more catching that these two things. 

Something about history about it not trying be boring is that the credit for the pie's invention is claimed by Nigel Mackenzie and Ian Dowding, the owner and chef respectively of The Hungry Monk Restaurant in Jevington, East Sussex. They claim to have developed the dessert in 1971 by amending an unreliable American recipe for "Blum’s Coffee Toffee Pie" with a soft toffee made by boiling an unopened can of condensed milk for several hours. After trying various changes including the addition of apple or mandarin orange, Mackenzie suggested banana and Dowding later said that "straight away we knew we had got it right". Mackenzie suggested the name "Banoffi Pie", and the dish proved so popular with their customers that they "couldn't take it off" the menu. It was Margaret Thatcher's favourite food to cook (wikipedia).

Now, the Banoffee pie is really good, trully, more than been an english dessert is easy to make and to find all the ingredients. How is develope on those blogs are vegetarian way but sadly, for us (venezuelans) it's difficult to find the ingredients to make the twist, besides we like it with the sweetest and delicously full of callories way, but I do made it with some venezuelan twist to match the lack of aliments on my country. It tasted delicious and, while few things goes wrong, it was pretty good for be my first time.

The amazing about this pie is its three deliouse caps. In the first place we got the coockie base: I saw lot of photograph with the base really big, which I despite, mine was very thin. Then, Bananas with dulce de leche (Spanish)/ toffee, which could be hard thing to do if it's homemade. Which it better to be homemade because it commercial presentation is spensive here on my country since we can't find it.

Something very important about the homemade dulce de leche is that it needs to take its own time to be made. Toffe isn't like a Right Now recipe, it need to take time to be just perfect. Like, those first two hours won't do anything but still we need to be patient and keep calm. My mistake was to add more sugar after I already add the necessary so it got heavy, so we need to wait till it gets perfect. Lastly, but not least, the cream. This could be the most important adapted twist made for venezuelans. All recipes I found was difficult and spensive to made. So, I made a merengue.

Now, the recipe:

Ingredients for the Banoffee Pie
Coockie base
Dulce de leche/Toffe
Cream (merengue in my case)

Ingredients for the base
A packetch of María/Puig's coockies
An egg
50gr of butter
Shred all cookies to create a flour with them. Then in a large bowl, add the butter and join it with your hands until they look like breadcrumbs. Add the egg and knead until everything is integrated. Take the mold and cover with all the mass leaving very thin. Finally, take the oven at 180 °C for 15 minutes. Leave it cool.

Ingredients for the Dulce de Leche/Toffe
1 liter of water
300g of milk powder
2 cups of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking soda
Preparation of Dulce de Leche
In a saucepan add all ingredients and stir until all got together and leave to cook over medium heat until thickened (give it time 'cause it takes many hours). Once it gets thinck, reduce the heat and stir until it looks like a cream. Note that not be as thick as the selling in the super market and that's the best, because wet cookie correctly. Remove from heat and let stand.

Ingredients for Merengue
3 egg whites
6 cups sugar
1 pinch of salt
Preparation of Merengue
In a bowl add the egg whites and stir. At start, add salt and continue beating. Once it begin to form adds half of the sugar, continue beating until blended, then add the rest. You know it's ready when you place the beater in the center, take it out with meringue and should form an pronounced peak that bends at the top.

Prepare Banoffe Pie 
In the mold where is the base adds a layer of bananas, then caramel and another layer of bananas. Finally, add the meringue. You can caramelized bananas as decoration, or like me, use chocolate sprinkled on top.

#1: To create flour biscuits I recommend that you add them in a bag and splitting there first, and then processed in the blender to make it very thin.
#2: Take time with dulce de leche, if not look bad. To cut the milk (characteristic of Venezuela - although not for this dessert), you add lemon juice.
#3: Add a pinch of salt at the beginning of the merengue beat to help to form faster.



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