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Lately, I have experience the feel that I'm living two life, or that my personality split into two types. I think that we, bloggers, experience this from time to time, I bet that almost all of us felt that we have a different life on our blogs from our life outside the Internet. We may believe that some wouldn't understand us so we migrate to the web to express ourselves.

I often say that I don't feel like I'm running from my life anymore, I mean, I did it when I was younger and I wasn't a very happy girl, so I tried to find a better place. But right now, I'm in a point of my life that I need and I want to see, think, feel and experience pretty things. I want to live a beautiful life discovering all the things the world can offer.

But as I keep living, I felt that there are two sides of me, that I created these two sides. When I create Corazones Literarios, books were my priority, of course their still are, but there also another interest like fashion and food (as many others) and I really want to share it with all of you; that's why I create Giova by Design, to share my most personal aspects.

So, for now on, Corazones Literarios will be part of Giova by Design as the last will be part of the first, the catch here is that CL will be in English and GbD in Spanish. You'll see: 

On Literary:
  • Books review 
  • Book promotions 
  • And other bookish things 
But also, you'll find:

On Hearts: 
  • Life by Giova (how I see the life and the things that happen around me).
  • Giova's Kitchen (since I love food, I'm going to share recipes of my favorite dishes). 
  • Soul & Love (where I'll talk about pretty thing in life, inspirations and the way to grow in spirit). 
All the content you'll find here will be also on Giova by Design but in Spanish. About the book reviews, I will share on GbD only those who I choose that aren't part of any book promotions, if any author will like to be feature there they need to tell me to do so, other way, the review wouldn't be published there. 

I hope you like what I write as much as I like to share all the things that happened to me, and how I see life, with you. 

Love, Giova



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