Every writer has a Calliope whispering words in his airs

Each person has a way to write, some make plans y produce a huge operation to start to draft of something, while others take it slow and write what it comes first on their head. But, the truth is that each writer in the world has a muse or an inspiration that allow them to create. When we think about muse we can imagine beautiful ladies with transparent silk gowns running around big theaters or place of knowledge driving lyre, papers or magic dust? All of them helping to write the new Odyssey.

On ancient Greek, there were nine muse for each form of art of the time. The legend says that they arrive when the artist start the play and whispering words in the airs, it doesn’t matter if it was for music, poetry, or any other form of art. Calliope, “the beauty voice”, was the muse of the epic poetry and eloquence, who was the very same that inspire Homer when he was writing the Iliad and the Odyssey. 

(Detail of painting The Muses Urania and Calliope by Simon Vouet, in which she holds a copy of the Odyssey. Credits)

On this time, lot of people doesn’t believe in this magic way of create, but I’m still think that this beautiful women (and why not handsome men?) are there to help us when we need some inspiration. I definitely have my own way to write that is bases more on the moment. I’m a ‘right now’ writer, just like I’m mood reader; when I write a review is because the last book I read which is the book I just get because it calls me at that right moment.

I just can’t keep an agenda about the book I’m going to read, y because of that, I can’t have about the reviews I’m going to write, as well as the discussion post I write some times. However, lately I’ve started to organize a little agenda about some topics I wanted to publish, that are based on my daily experience from what I need to give my opinion. This agenda is more about when I WANT to post them and not necessary when I’m GOING to publish them.

And there’s here the actual problem, if you could check the last update of the blog, you notice that there’s review from almost two months by now. Maybe, I couldn’t get some topics to write because I use to inspire when I got out of my place, talk to my friends or see something on the street. So, then I start to planning the post in my head through my walking or ride on the bus, that’s how I’m get inspire, watching the world around me and how I look at it. But then, I have to write it down because I forget it.

I think that life is full of opportunities and there’s lot of talented people who make beautiful things. I wish a lot more fill the world with art, to make things easier and this planet a happy place. Now, I want to know how you inspire for write. Tell me, do you have a Calliope close to you?



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