This has been a beautiful sunrise. It’s full of energy, of the songs of the birds and the sun. A wonderful day to be happy. 

Today, I’m just starting the week, with a lot of things to accomplish. The best thing of all is that I started this morning practicing Yoga again. I try to practice yoga from two months by now because I need to do some physical training and get in shape with my body, but for me, gyms are too expensive and also, I’m too lazy to go outside and run or do something like that. So, I do the easiest thing and inside the comfort of my home, I made yoga.

However, I have lot of things to do at the university that I do not practice very often. But finally, I did this morning and was fabulous, because the yoga it is. I think it is a wonderful way to start do something with your body, but at the same time never extralimitate your own capacities. Of course, you need to know some things before embark in this journey.

The first thing you need to know is what yoga is about: This is an Indian discipline and tradition that try to unite the soul and the body into a mood of internal peace and good physical shape for properly meditation. When we do each routine we use the breath as a way to relax and finish with meditation. This gives us a new perspective of life.

The best thing to do is practice yoga with an expert teacher but if you want to do it for yourself (just like me), you need to consider this:

1.- Research. Very much everything you do in life need to be research first. So, you need to look for all the information you can find about yoga, it meanings, it benefits, and everything to do with it. Look for videos from you can do routines from experts, but remember that you’re an amateur so you need to search that category. Even if you practices any sport you need to start for the beginning.

2.- Speaking about levels. You don’t have a teacher to tell you if you’re improving or not, so you have to do it for yourself. But the best way to determinate it is to be honest with yourself (only if you want to make a good job) and check if you’re really doing the asanas as it shows on the videos and pictures (get in front the mirror and practices there so you know you’re doing the job). Other ways to change of level is determinate how fast it changes for one asana to another and if your body take the posture in a good way (I mean, if you can stretch the way is suppose to be).

3.-  Don’t over expose your body. Don’t try to make the asanas correctly at the first time. Take your time to do it right, you just need to enjoy your practices. At the same time, don’t stress yourself for don’t be capable to do it right away or because your body doesn’t seem to be getting fit just yet. Yoga is all about the mind over the body, so you need to calm it down first to start the process of help the rest of you.

4.-Practice with comfortable clothes, no too large so you could fall with it or too tight so it becomes uncomfortable to stretch. If you’re going to eat do it one hour before the practice and drink water 15 minutes before.

5.-I recommend practice in the morning, I think is the best time to do it so you’ll be happy and full of energy the rest of the day. However, you also could do it in the afternoon or night (when muscles are warm) if you don’t have time in the morning. 

If you keep in mind all this stuffs, your practices will be amazing for you and you’ll have a wonderful day. I fully recommend do yoga because it works for me. Every day I practice I become a happier person, with lot of energy and more important, my mind is open to new things and joys.



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