Why Percy Jackson should be read by each kid and parent of the entire world

I already made a review of the first book of Percy Jackson Series, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and the last book of it spin-off, Heroes of the Olympus, Blood of the Olympus, but now I want to share with you my most personal thoughts about it. Why I think this beautiful story that gives readers more than what it seems. I very well could place it into the category of Harry Potter, and not because they could have things in common about the plot and characters, but because both are stories for kids and share so many life lessons underneath each page, that is magical; that’s the magic that this kind of books have.

The first time I heard about this young boy was when the first movie came out, and beside the good and bad reviews of it, I never was very interest for him, I even didn’t watch The Lightning Thief. Then, I heard about the Olympian’s kid again when the second movie was release, installment that I dare to watch but didn’t like at first sight. I let the time goes by and just for fun and curiosity, with any particular reason, I pick up the first book.

Thanks to the fact that I didn’t watch the movie, The Lightning Thief was one of the best experiences that I have with a book. I don’t regret at all to read the first book of this series and even so I've read it three more times (the whole Camp Half-Blood Chronicles); I want to make that others take time to read about this kid, his friends, his world and his adventures. There’s nothing more beautiful that a book dedicate to a kid, a book wrote with so much love for everybody to learn that childhood and innocence is one of the best splendid and pure things in the world. 

I don’t have more than flattering words to Rick Riordan and his series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and it spin-off, The Heroes of the Olympus; but I’m going to start for the beginning and why there’s even more love in these books for children that any other romantic novel I’ve have read so far, and isn’t precisely because it has a couple love story. Everything is reducing to the fact that Uncle Riordan (as those readers who started with him long ago call him), wrote The Lighting Thief for his son with dyslexia and HDAD. But why is this relevant? You may think, well, because if you read this book you’ll understand how harsh the life is for a kid with this characteristics and how difficult is for them to be part of the life in school and group of friends. 

Go together by burdge

However, more tan dedicate the book, is about how Riordan create this world where the kids with dyslexia can be someone especial, be heroes from the very same Olympus. Can you imagine those nights when Riordan sit at the feet of his son’s bed and told him bed tales about heroes, Poseidon and mythology, to make him feel better after a hard day at school. My heart become warm to just think about it because that’s definitely the most beautiful thing a parent can do, create greatest ways to make their children happy. 

Percy Jackson by AireensColor

So, more than the story be magnificent (which it is), amazingly written, and with lot of life lessons for the little ones of the house (and some grow ups like me) is an inspiring story for each parent. A story that, I’m sure will memorize the beauty of parenthood and will give courage to keep going just for the happiness of their children. Don’t miss the chance to read it; if you’re a parent reading this, I recommend it to you; if you’re a young reader give away Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief to a parent or little kid. And if you’re a kid, then go now and tell your parents to buy you the Percy Jackson series right now because it is so cool, exciting and so fun, even better, tell them to read it with you.

Mr. and Mrs. smith-Percy Jackson by M-Iris

Happy reading, my lovely people.



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