7 days till travel. What I have to do?

I’m not a frequent tourist. I don’t go to exclusive tours, five stars hotel or exotic places. But I’m a frequent traveler, because the goes and comes between my house and college; because of that, I bring to you 7 tips for 7 days to prepare yourself for travel.

7 days before: Research.


This is very important because our list is base on that, in the place we’re going to go. If you’re going in vacations, you probably already have the place you’re going, the tickets and the hotel, however, is never wrong to check everything again. Check everything once more to know for sure you have it all, just like your personal documents and other stuff.

As well, check your destiny and surrenders. It’s very possible that you done all this, but while you get more info about the place you’re going you find more things and get more excited about. Then, write a list with all the things and places you want to explore and do. This isn’t about been a control freak, it’s abut have reference and make sure you always have something to do, so you’ll never get bored. 

6 days before: Clean your house.

When you travel, you spend those great times out of your house and when you come back the least you want to do is clean. We know that travel by itself (by plane, bus or car) is exhausting, so when we return home we only want to get some quick and easy meal, go straight to bed, take the shoes off and sleep till the other day. So, take time to clean your house before going out, and also, make sure you take care of errands.

5 days before: Check you have everything for travel.

You should make a list of the things you’re going to take to your destiny; for that we need to have clear where we’re going and what we’re going to do there. Then, through this list, we look for each thing we’re going to need.

4 days before: Take a day only for you.

It’s very important that before going on vacations you take time for yourself. Go to a beauty salon and ask for a manicure or a treatment for your hair (if you’re going to the beach the hair suffer a lot, it’s good if we treat it before). Or just spend time doing something fun but that it doesn’t take too energy from you so, you won’t be tired afterward. The idea of this item is for you to relax and be in peace with your time before vacations.

3 days before: Make sure someone check your house.

While you’re gone you will want that someone of trust check your house for you and make sure everything is fine. That person need to make sure of things like the security, the light off and on, the water connections and other things the house could have it best pick even when you won’t be there. If you have a pet, you will also want to arrange for someone to take care of it if you won’t take it with you. 

Leave all this stuff complete so you trip will be pleasant knowing someone is checking things for you.

2 days before: Pack everything.

Doing all the previous item, it’s now time for packing. I have to admit that this isn’t my best quality and I always delayed it; I’m one of those who drop everything into the suitcase and close it. But we NEED to do this with time, so, we know that everything is in there. And if for any reason something is missing (after checking the previous list), go and get it quickly. 

But well, I don’t know if I ever going to do so. I will try.

1 day before: Prepare your body.

This item, I think is the most important of all, and I super recommend doing so. Before going to travel, we need to check if our body is ready for it (I’m not speaking about the health preventions which often you have to do with months before the trip), and make it ready to travel. I’m speaking about mind and body. The perfect combinations between the two.

For example, make sure to go to the bathroom and make number two so next day you won’t experience an embarrassing situation. Also, when we travel we may not sleep too much, so make sure to go to bed early to be fresh next morning. This item is about making simple and easy things to make your next day the best you can. 

Now, you’re ready to travel. Go, and have fun.

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