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I use to inspire myself with life and things around me, not just with my experience but also with my friends’. My mom always said to me “take experience with what is happening to your friend” each time they got a problem and I told her. My idea is always to observe and don’t make the same mistakes my friends or people around me do, and to know how to act if that happened to me.

However, isn’t just in the bad stuff with need to observe and learn from others, but also the good things like the goals they reach, the place they visited, the people they met and the courage to look for something different. Speaking about that last bit, one of my recent favorites songs is I Am Wrong by Nico & Vinz, which is that musical piece they make us wonder why others make us think we’re “wrong for look for something different” or for “think out of the box” where we stay. Definitely, one of the best songs I’ve hear so far because it make us notice that there’s others thinking just as us and that we can do it. 

The same thing that makes me love that song is the one who keeps me going and inspires me every day, because life is so beautiful that is a waste of time and energy see it with negativity; we destroy ourselves like that. All of us have problems but the best thing is face them with a big, bright smile because other way it will eat us alive. Though, the best thing is to have someone to share our problems and know that we’re not alone; there are millions of people in this planet and is impossible that nobody had suffered what we been through, it’s like have a support group where you could find inspirations to keep going and make it.

It is because all of that and much more that I’m sharing with you today my favorite website full of inspirations for every taste. Sites that feed with contributions of readers whom want to share their experiences, thoughts, likes and dreams with the world and inspire with their articles. They’re also guides to live the ups and downs of life full of colors.

You, Me & Charlie: This blog started been Fell Down The Rabbit Hole on wrote by the Glee actress, Diana Agron, where she shared all the things she like from music, photography, inspiring things, and others arts. But then, after four years with it, she founded You, Me & Charlie where others enthusiast that writes to inspires us all. 

Amore & Vita: Another blog by an actress, and this is the new project from Pretty Little Liars’ actress, Shay Mitchell, along with her best friend, Michaela Blaney, that has six months on the web. Amore & Vita means Love and Life in Italian, one of the favorite countries of Mitchell, and represent the personality of each girl. This blog works just as Corazones Literarios, with two aspects: Shay is love: fashion, tendencies, wander; while Michaela is life: taste new dishes, read, and find new ways of inspiration. What it was before it turned out in this new place to hang out and find two girls passionate for life but in different ways.

Yoga by Candace: I’m Yoga enthusiastic, I may not practice it all the time but I like it very much, because of that I follow some wonderful yoga’s teachers via Instagram, and Candace was one of them. This girl is a lover of the body and healthy life. After a long battle against the Lyme disease she decided to start practicing yoga, meditation and get into the healthy life, so she now share recipe and instructions to work out and be happy with mind and body. 

Elite Daily: It’s a Platform for the Millennials generations whom specialize in journalist 2.0. Lot of young people contributes to this site which has reaches around 70 millions of visits by month. It content goes from politics to arts and It worths to visit.

GenTwenty: This is my favorite website of all, I read it every day in look for inspirations, and I just can’t stop myself to share my opinions because each post from it is so true and some of them actually happened to me that I need to share it. So, this blog is writing by twenty something for twenty something with advice and suggestions to drive our life to a succeed path. Funded by Nicole Booz and Gina Oursler, with the supports of lot of twenty something, after twenty, first-twenty, mid-twenty, late-twenty… well, there’s all about twenty.

I can be there for hours and hours reading each post and finding lot of subjects to know, because they have experts on each field they feature. It’s a web site that NEED to be read, because it’s so scary to become adult and just jump there into the adulthood, we always thinking that we have to make it big to succeed and sometimes we don’t know how, but we’re so afraid to fail, but on Gentwenty they tell you, “you can do it, you’re not along”. I wish I had found this page when I was just starting college; it would have helped so much. But now you can find it.

I hope these sites help you to find the inspiration you need in your life. Remember that we do our own destinies but is always good to have others to be with. Of course, also, I am here for you if you need me.



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