Just one movie that show my world

I finally watched completely a movie that becomes one of my very favorites, maybe it isn’t one of the best technically made but it does has beautiful message and full of inspiration. There could be another better way to show love for cooking, books, blogs and, of course, love itself. Still don’t know which move I’m talking about? Well, it’s Julie & Julia.

What impress me the most about this movie was, besides the food, of course, the message about never give up and that women can do much more that what society thinks. I was inspired by the life of Julia and everything she made to reach her dreams; first she felt that she wasn’t doing anything useful at her time in Paris and she wanted to do more than just look around the city, she wanted to be instructed. Then, she went to a cooking school when she didn’t find support from her fellows cook lovers and finally, making everything possible to publish her dream cook book. 

At the same time, Julie noticed her fellows in big jobs and how her friends underestimate her for her failures, and then she decided to make a blog where she could share her love for food and Julia Child. This movie shows perfectly the ups and downs of being a blogger and a fangirl. Undeniable, when we have a blog, we constantly asking ourselves if people are really reading us or not, we feel insecure sometimes about what we writing. But it’s also wonderful to look how we evolve with the time, how much we grow as a person and how much we learn new things through this process. 

By other hand, the story about the book was really encouraging after see all the trouble they faced but how they manege to get an editorial. All of that collided with the best food you can imagine (I just got hungry to think about them). Definitely I’m going to get Mastering the Art of French Cooking (hope print) and make beef bourguignon, it’s the dish that its speaks the most in the movie and one of the most delicious in look. 

This movie is so beautiful that speaks about the love with the same passion for life and food, besides, I love how it combines the world of books, that it’s one of the most important aspect of my life. I definitely recommend it to watch because it’s so inspired in too many ways; it’s lovely, beautiful, and the best of all, women show our true value and that we’re not just a pretty face but we got expectation and we can get far just with putting our mind in it. Watch it!



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