Oat's Tortilla

In general, almost all my recipes came out in those days when I have nothing to eat and suddenly a lightning bolt of inspiration surge through me making me do something good (and thank the Goddess for that!). This time wasn’t the exception and I’ll share this recipe full of proteins and vitamins, which it’s just perfect. Also, it is adjustable because we can incorporate other ingredients to make it even better o been adapted to dessert, breakfast (which I mostly use) or dinner for those days with diet. 

The rock star ingredient of this recipe is the Oats. I have to confess that when I was a kid I didn’t like oats, it was so difficult for me to eat it, however, now I really like it and I’m up to made more recipe with it. The oat is so important for health, especially for good function of the stomach. 

This recipe, beside healthy, is perfect to combine different flavors like, for example, add chocolate or vanilla, or use some fruits like strawberry, parchitas or pineapple. The good thing is that oats mix with almost everything and it’s so delicious, so don’t doubt to add new things to this dish. 

(For 1 tortilla)
1 egg
½ spoon sugar
3 spoonful of instant oat (I use Avelina)

In a bowl add all the ingredients and stir until they’re all mixed. Let it cook for about 2 minutes with low heat, then let cook the other side for about 1 more minute. Serve and read to it. Maybe some of the oats flakes will be crushing and that will give it a new dimension to this recipe. Bon appétit.

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