Orange and Strawberry Pie

This tart is one of the easiest that I have done ever, plus really delicious. This could be a really X dessert (as we say in my country, translate: without matter), but actually, is really good and I’m super recommend it because, beside is super quick to make, is also really delicious with a awesome mix of sweet from the strawberry and the acid from the orange. It really worth to try.

For this recipe I take it little too far, not that I regret it; you see, I really wanted to eat something sweet so badly and my first thought was about make a lemon pie but I didn’t have lemons, though, I have a orange tree in my porch, which I take as a heaven sign. Then, I didn’t have an orange gelatin to make a match but, the only one that I have at that time was one of strawberry, which I thought that could work very well, and it did.

As I said before the combination of sweet and citric is wonderful, and is one of my favorites (that’s why I love the pizza Hawaii). The best about all of this is the fact that we can combine different flavors like watermelo’s juice with parchita gelatin, or maybe, berries with pineapple gelatin. No matter how we mix the flavors, any new creation will bring a whole new wonderful dimension to this dessert. 


160gr of flour
100gr of butter without salt
50gr of sugar
1 egg

½ L of orange juice
1 pack of strawberry gelatin
100gr of sugar
1 egg
50gr of butter


To bake the base we need to mix by hands the flour and the butter (cut it in cubs and clod), until it looks like breadcrumbs. Add the sugar and keep mixing with your hands, then add the egg. When everything is well mixed, add some water and knead until everything is integrated. 

Evolve the mass with film paper and take to the refrigerator for 1 hour. Take the mold and cover with all the mass leaving very thin. Finally, take the oven at 180 °C for 20 minutes. Leave it cool.

Take the orange juice and the sugar to medium heat, when it becomes very hot, add the strawberry gelatin and revolve until it dissolves. Then add the butter. When it starts to boil add the egg leave it cook for about 5 more minute and then remove from heat.

Add the mix the base and let it cool before get it into the refrigerator. Leave it in it for about one hour or until the mix compact. Serve and Bon á petit!



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