25 things to do before 25

We always have wishes and goals we want to accomplish but, most of the times, we never do. We need to understand firstly that is about to set goals we can make in short, medium and long term, because isn’t the same we say we’ll try to run two time a week than announce we’ll run a 5k marathon without training. Another important point is that we lost our motivation, so we need to keep our energy strong to get to where we want to be.

When we’re young we have lot of energy and want to do lot of things, so what’s better to start in our 20 when we see the life as a blank space perfect to paint it with our brushes. Because of that, I bring this list of those things I want to do before arriving to my 25 birthday, which is just around the corner but I still have quite time to it. 

(Without a specific order here they are):

1. - Make a collage on the wall

I always dream to decorate my place with a lovely, chic design but for space issues I haven’t had the time. But I would love to make a collage with all those pretty moments I’ve lived, places I want to visit and the beautiful people I’ve found on my journey through this world.

2. - Host a Halloween party

Honestly, I never had had a costume before, not even in Carnaval (that’s a big deal here in Latinoamerica), so this would be a huge point for me because I would do something I have never do before. Of course, the costumes we choose have lot to do with our personalities because I probably wouldn’t dress like Amy Winehouse because I don’t like her style but I could do it as Marilyn Monroe. Therefore, I consider it really interesting to explore that part of my personality, besides to have fun and spend a great time with friends.

3. - What more TV

There are plenty of TV shows I want to follow but for lack of time I can’t. I would like to watch Salem, Games of Throne (no, I haven’t), Heroes Reborn, True Detective (both seasons), Vikings, finish The 100, Grimm, Castle, and watch many, many more.

4. - Create a website from scratch

I love website, and everything that have to do with them: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, everything that have to do about make them. I’m learning so I would like to make one from scratch. 

5. - Become a caricaturist

I love caricatures, I even have a class about it on college but I’m not commitment with it, so I lost awesome materials everyday. I wish to become a caricaturist and draw each day.

6. - Make a Thanksgiving dinner

I have lot to be thankful for in my life that I want to really make a dinner on this beautiful day to celebrate all the things the God and the Goddess have giving to me and share it with my friends.

7. - Visit England

England is my favorite country of the whole world, I wish to go there so much and visit all the places I love to see. Walk on it streets and amaze myself with the magic, tradition and history of England. If someone wants to give away a ticket to me, I would modestly accept it.

8. - Go to the cinema and watch a movie along

Been along it one of the worst fears of humans and go to a social place like movies is even worst. But definitely, we have to experience it once in a while because we need to understand that sometimes we have to do things for our own. Because of that, I want to experiment and see how brave I’m to challenge myself go to the theater along and watch a movie all by myself. My friend Geri (from Periodista Noctambula) did it and she told me that it was so cool because she hadn’t to share popcorn with anyone, explain the movie to some annoying partner and she basically enjoy more. Of course, I have to experience for my own but I will take her word.

9. - Go to a restaurant and eat along

Just as above is terrifying but I think that it increases for 3 because, at least, in the cinema the lights are off and we can pretend a little bit, in a restaurant we can’t, so will be even brave to try.

10. - Watch all seasons of Sex and The City

I haven’t watched the full seasons of this show, and I need to. This is one of the most relevant TV shows for fashionista women and those who see the world as a place to explore, enjoy and grow as a person. I would love to watch them all and enjoy the magic of Sex and The City.

11. - Go to bed before midnight and become a morning person

I mostly stay up late night, all the good things happen at night! But I have to try to sleep earlier. 

12. - Win 10 pounds

For the half of the women population is for the contrary, lost ten pounds but I’m not fat and even when I eat well I can’t get weight. I want to talk about the subject soon, but what I can say right now is that not all the food disorders are about lost weight, plenty of women need to gain some and isn’t just because we’re brat is because we need it and is hard, than even affect our health. So, about this topic, please, don’t be mean between each others, women; all of us suffers for problem with our bodies and what we really need is support from ourselves.

13. - Make a proper Ice Coffee

I love Ice Coffee but sadly I haven’t prepared a proper homemade ice coffee yet, besides is so hard to make one when we can’t find coffee, milk or whipped cream in my country and the ice cream is so expensive. So is kind of hard but I’m determinate to make it.

14. - Be volunteer 

We always have to do good with the people around us, and definitely, do volunteering is one the most beautiful things we can do in our life. It feed our soul and makes us grow as a person.

15. - Get out my comfort zone and do something I wouldn’t normally do

I’m the kind of person that go for the safe, so I want to do something new that I normally would imagine to do, and find new dimensions of my limits and personality. 

16. - Make new friends

It’s always good to make new friends and meet new people. It’s not about been popular, it’s about meet new people, be more sociable, and open to different perception of the world. 

17. - Make a mini Garden

I’m fan of herbalist, so I would love to make my own mini garden to feel that connection with earth. 

18. - Practice Yoga once a week

I really like practice Yoga, I tried for a time but lack of free time make me stop. But I wish to do it again and start to feed my mind and body.

19. - Plan a trip for the entire Venezuela

I know that people always say that their countries are the best, but my country is actually beautiful, and I want to explore it all. I say that before visit other country I need to know mine as well, because when someone ask me Where should I go when I visit your country? What would I answer honestly? But here are many beautiful places like: Mérida, Los Roques, Mochima, Los Medanos de Coro, and many, many others I would love to visit. 

20. - Travel to another country

Above I wrote about visit England but it hasn’t to be my first trip to other country. And yes, I never travel out site Venezuela. I want to do it soon because I have a big list of destinies. 

21. - Donate to charity

I also mention volunteering, just as it, I think we need to do this at least once because that would make us a better person. Of course, isn’t just about give away just to give away is about to be grateful for the things we have in life, and help those who need it, those who even if they work hard can’t accomplish what they want because don’t have the medias to do so. We are going to help them. So I think that is very important to help other through charities.

22. - Start to save for my retirement

I saw this reading blogs about economy, some expert advice about we, young people, start to save from very early, because with all the economy problems we would need a strong save plan for our retirement. I think is a good idea and I wanted to start to try it.

23. - Finish 200 books in a year

I’ve had read around 500 books in my life as a reader but sadly I never had had the chance to finish 100 books in a year. So, I’m determinate to finish 200 in a year, because there are so many stories that deserve to be read.

24. - Run a marathon

I said in the introduction of this post that isn’t the same to say I would run two times a week than announce I would run a 5k marathon, but the fact is that when we train to do so we can make it. The truth is I’m not a sporty girl but I can’t commit with a cause and do my best to run a marathon not just to provide to the charity form which I would run for but also to improve my body. 

25. Do something risky

I want to do something full of adrenaline, challenge myself with something risky and enjoy it. I want to try and risky sport, climb a mountain or even jump from a cliff. Something like that.

So, this is my list of the 25 things I want to do in my 25. When we’re in out twenties the world is just open for us and we’re anxious to get into it, but setting goals is the best way to not lost of sight what we want and where we want to be. But we always have to notice that to make those goals we always need to value ourselves and think seriously about what we can and can’t do, because if we don’t, we always be like those who never finished anything and will get frustrate with life. So, enjoy your young years and the most important of all, have fun!



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