New Year Good Luck Rituals

The year is almost over and we all have many expectations about what would happens the next one, plenty of us prepare to celebrate New Year Eve eating, with fancy clothes and the most important, and spend it with family and friends. I watched few days ago on TV, a Colombian show where a Fenshui expert was talking about the rituals of that tradition to welcome the New Year. I was so curious about it so, I look for rituals on internet and I found many, which I’m now sharing with you. Many of these have a magic bases and I hope they help you to get good luck and lot of blessing for next year.

1.- Dance outside. This ritual is very similar to Wiccan (and British pagan) tradition of the May Pole (during Beltane) when some young men and women dance around a pole to celebrate spring. But for this time of the year, we dance around a tree to bring goodness and help the light reach the New Year. Besides, there are believes that said that dance and make noise after midnight help to send away the bad spirits.

2.- Open all the doors. To welcome the New Year and all its good things we open all the doors of the house, also the windows, to let the positive energies enter in the home.

3.- A glass of water and salt. At the Wicca, it use a glass of water with salt to represent the elements water and earth, but in many traditions the water and salt are used to bless the home (even in the Catholic Church since Holy Water is actually water with salt). The rituals consist in set a glass of water with salt at one side of the door of the house before the 12:00pm for it to absorb all the bad energies from the year that it's going, then after midnight retire the glass and drop the water to eliminate the bad energies. 

4.- A bowl of coins. It says that to bring the fortune for next year, we full a glass bowl with coins. Many talk about gold coins but it can be use normal coins, or from different counties as well. There’s a ritual that states about put a coin into one of the shoes during the whole night of New Year Eve. Other talks about face a bill of high value to the moon at midnight for the Goddess to bless with abundance.

5.- Wear red and yellow underwear. Red represents the passion and the love, while yellow represents the wealth, so to bring good energies for next year we wear those colors as underwear.

6.- Turn on the lights of the house. Just as open the doors, to welcome New Year we turn on all the lights of the house to help the brightness to arrive at home.

7.- Run with a suitcase. This can be one of the most popular rituals of all; there are plenty of variants, from run with the suitcase around the house clockwise, run until the next , run around the block; some say to run with the suitcase full of things (especially money), and others say to run with an empty suitcase (so we can full it through the year).

8.- Write good wishes. Before the 12pm write good wishes and goals to accomplish for next year. There are traditions that say about read them after midnight, to save it on a secure place, or bury it and reach for it again at the end of the year. Other talks about write the bad things we don’t want in our life and burn them to prevent them to reach us.

Here are the rituals I considered were the best (and the easiest to made) to welcome the good energies for the upcoming year. Sure, each person creates his/her own traditions and besides, can adapt them to full fit each expectations. I have to say that I’m not saying you MUST do something magic to have a good year or that if you don’t do these, bad things going to happen to you, nothing at all, I believe that magic is within all of us. 

The most important thing of all is to be with the family and enjoy our time with them. From this site of the Internet, I wish you all good luck and blessing for next year so all your goals are accomplish. Work hard for them and always be thankful for what you have (just as good as bad things), because all the things we going through are for us to learn be all the time. 

Happy New Year!



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