The best cities to live in your 20

Many of us would like to know the world, to explore it and learn new cultures; even it could be our dream job. At the same time, we would like to live in a different country. Many times, the place where we live right now doesn’t help us to surprise ourselves and works against us in different ways from economic, socially, politics and others, that don’t help us to be the professionals we want.

Many Venezuelan, especially young people, think about leaving the country and reach for some place better. Thanks to all the problems we face day to day, the obstacle from the Government and the insecurity, we are unhappy about from once was a refuge for many immigrants running from the war whom brought progress and commerce to the Venezuela industry. Young Venezuelans see how our contemporaneous in other places become successful and have so many opportunities that we feel like the authorities of this country are mocking of us.

But of course, we’re still scare to live the place we call home to walk for unknown streets and meet with people that we probably wouldn’t understand, but sadly, sometimes we have to think about ourselves. However, and now is me talking like a fondly Venezuelan (sorry guys, I just can’t help it), I feel like there’s still something we can do for our country (especially after that awesome victory we got on the parliamentarians). Honestly, I don’t know if I right after my graduation I would leave my country, because, just as I say it, we still have hope that this change and if we all work for it we’ll do it!

But there’s not just in Venezuela, there are other people who like the feel of adventures and wish to wander the world to know more about it (again my dream job). So for those who already have plans to leave their country, for those who don’t know and for those (just like me) that are checking all the options, this is the list of the best cities to live make by Intelligent Economy Unit (a The Economist’s organization). From which say it’s the most confinable because it feature all the variables like life quality, security, health, education, culture, ambient and infrastructure.

Melbourne, Australia

It’s the biggest city and the Capital of the Victoria’s State. It’s the second highest population city of Australia with 2,8 millions of habitant (2006) and it’s an important commerce, industrial and cultural center. It’s considerate as the capital of cultural and sport because it has been host of many international events. The official language is English.

Vienna, Austria

It’s Austria’s Capital and one of the nine federal states. It’s the highest population city of the country (EU n° 10) with 2,4 million of habitants (the same amount of 1994). It’s an important center of culture full of history since is one of the oldest cities of Europe. The official language is German. 

Vancouver, Canada

It’s the 3rd most important Metropolitan area of the country with a city of 603.502 habitants. It’s one of the safest cities thanks to its low criminality numbers. Vancouver has an important port, is a huge touristic area and it’s the third most important cinematographic center of North America behind Los Angeles and New York. The official languages are English and French but it’s also feature many different cultures. 

As you see these three cities represent the best of the best of the entire world. To live there you only need the feel and the mind to work hard to arrive there. Because, it doesn’t matter how hard is where you already living if you don’t put your heart and mind to be a better person and find the chance to live better as well.



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