Life lessons I learn in 2015

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I know that it may be little too late to post this but I really want to share this with you!

2015 brought lot to my life, from consolidate my friendships to represent the culmination of my career. Plenty of things have happened during this year, lot of situations, but most of all, lot of learning. I’m always considering that what we live through our life is for learn and be better day to day, but there are many things that standout better than others and those mark a different in our life.

When I was a kid I thought about the upcoming years and how they would change my life, I thought about been the next Carrie Bradshaw (whom I’d not meet yet) and live in New York as a celebrity or an It Girl. But while we’re growing we notice that isn’t that easy as it seems and we have to work hard to reach our goals. We need always to keep dreaming and thinking out of the box, be grateful for the things we have, and working with what we have to be really happy.

Because of that, I write to you this list of the best things I’ve learned this beautiful year, 2015.

Keep my patience

I’ve been a person who complained for too many things for a long time and I hated to wait for the things I wanted, definitely, I have no patience at all. Many of us lost the sight of what we really want thanks to be rash about get things right away, but we need to stop and think for a moment about the big picture and value what keeps us away from our goals. Through these long 5 years of my career and now that I’m at my final lap, I needed to be patience to get to where I’m now, and yes, I can’t wait to graduate but I still know that I need to wait little longer to get it.

Compromise with my life

If we’re not responsibly enough to compromise with our goals, we’re never going to get anything. Along to this year I’ve been working on my thesis, while getting even more responsibilities here and there, I also have plenty of new projects and stuff that I have to be 100% compromise to then because I would fail otherwise. I know I have lot to do but I also want to do it so, I’m excited for 2016.

Collaborate not compete

I’ve been working in groups through all my career, and while I knew there were lot in stake, I had to handle different personalities and qualities from each person. But especially this year, working in groups have been a nightmare (citing the dreadful Ecos Films Festival), however, I also have another experiences like Digital Queens, when we girls are mature enough to handle any crazy thing that could happen. This also have to be with my good friends Geri (Periodista Noctambula), because when we were friends the first time, we compete each other and we weren’t at the same page, but now we learn how to work together and handle the qualities of each other. 

Round myself with good people

There are plenty of evil people in this world, and we always are going to find those who want to damage us to find what they want, and we always have to be aware of those persons and send them away from us. It’s very important to round us ourselves with good people, especially our family who always are there to support us and wish us the best. My family has been the best this year of crazy changes and I’m so glad to have them with me.

Forget grudge

I think that the two last items and this one are connected (especially about friendship), because when we understand that we need to collaborate with the people around us we create great bonds that makes lasting friendships, and sometimes things happened that we have to forget the bad things we could have lived with that person or group to do so. I’ve always been a resentment person; I couldn’t easily forgive, so I lost some relationships because of that. Now, I know that, even when I won’t forget, I need to forgive those who have been mean to me, and let things goes to be in peace with myself. I have learned that all of us need second chances and we could make great things those second times.

Be true to myself

I think that this have been one of the most difficult aspect to gain through my life, I’ve been insecure of myself for long time, and I let that some people lure me into act of some way, to think the same as them and never reach my full potential trying to be like others. Thanks to the university I’ve been able to accept myself and be happy about it, and this last year have been amazing because I finally reach the moment when I’m not afraid to say what I think and act according my believes. And thankfully I also have family and friends who accept me just as I am. 

Value what I have

Is not that I’ve been ungrateful for my life (though there have been times when I wanted to have another just as any kind) but I never actually think about it because I just give anything for granted. But this year, I have looked in retrospective and noticing all those grate people I have around me and that my life, when it’s not all beautiful or perfect, is quite amazing. And I’m not talking about party all nights, about traveling around the world and stay in luxury resorts or about dressing with designers clothes; I’m talking about wonderful parents who give me the chance to reach my potential as professional and person, about have good friends with who I can spend grate times, about to feed my soul with lovely experiences, about been happy, and about to find the job I love. All those little, but so important, things that make my life wonderful

I think that all these things I have reach this year are mostly because I finishing my career, and those closing moments are the best to think about what we did and how that affect our life. Now, I just have to take advantage of these changes and make the best of them: change the bad habits and keep those whom help me improve and be better day to day. I just need to remember (and you need to remember as well) that for be happy we don’t need much, just be pleased with what we do and who we are.



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