How annoying is someone telling you what to do?

I know that our first years in our life we need our parents to guide us into the taught world we’re at but after few years, we need to do things for our own and learn from our owns mistakes. I’ve been living with someone who tells me what to do for my whole life, and it seems that that never would change. I love my family but, at some point, I just want they shut up and let me do my own things. 

When I do things, those affected me and only me, not anybody else, and my family sometimes doesn’t understand it. I think that I’m mature enough to take my own choices and choose what I want for my life, it doesn’t matter if it’s about a job or my lifestyle; I believe that my parents rise me to make my choices, to live my life for my own and to reach for those things I love. Nobody have the right to tell me what to do, because the only person who’s going to be affected with that choice is me.

I know that this post isn’t what I used to talk about here but, I just need to write these stuffs. Through my whole life my family has been there for me, and when I love them so much and I’m so glad for they support, they also affected my choice because, sadly, I wanted to make them happy all the time; and that shouldn’t be. Guys, we need to understand from early age that our life is ours not anybody else’s and we need to live for ourselves. Sometimes we hold back and lose great opportunities that have the prospect to change our life, because we want, or need, to make those around us happy.

Lately, my family have been so overspoken about my lifestyle and choices, about my job, about my destiny outside my country but, even when I got some understanding from their side, they also want to say what they think when I don’t need their opinions. And it’s not that I don’t appreciate it, for the contrary, but when their opinion are negative and criticism of the things I done, I really don’t want to hear them. There’s something really important that is managing around the life coach: to stop the limiting thoughts.

Those are thing that we think daily that stop us from live a better life. And it’s sadly, but the previous generation does it all the time and hold us back as well. I love my family and I thank my Gods for gives me those beautiful people, but they have flaws as everybody, which is getting into my life too much of what it supposes. So, guys, if you have people like that on your life, you just need to speak up about what YOU like and make them clear that is your life and not them.

I’m not saying that you need to step away from your family, that’s never works, because they are the hot coffee and warm bread of your life, but you need to stop how much they can affect your life, because family’s opinion is one of the most important and with more weight in our life. And if isn’t a good one can really destroy our confidence in ourselves. And when they only give you criticism even when they’re trying to help you, even when they think that they’re giving you advice, you just need to stop them. 

Family is for support and I believe that they only need to give you advice when you ask for them, because there will always be a time when we need them there for us but, there also need to be the right moment after you made your choices. After you learn for you own.



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