What authors think when they send us a book to review?

I was thinking about this the other day, what authors think when they send us a book to review? Will they expect a good review or a bad one? Will they care about our reviews or not? What is their purpose to ask us for feedback? Real reason for that? For sure, we may never know the true answers of those questions, because as fans we really don’t care about such things because we just want to read and spend a good time.

But for me, those questions above are interesting and intriguing. While I was thinking about this topic I remembered when this happened and how my favorite author of all times said on her blog (though that was long time ago so I can’t find her post, sorry!) that they need bad reviews because nothing in life is perfect and that even gives credibility to their works. I think deeply about it and was so agree with her because that’s so true. 

I’m not an expert on the field, but since I’m working on the marketing business, I might know one thing or two about it (counting on learning from mitosis), so I know that, when you’re doing a good work and there’s a hater, you’re going to be even more notice. I know that it does sound awful and marketing can be a very dirty place but, we also have to think about the fact that not everybody may like what we like, and that’s so normal. That’s life. So, I think that some publishers (not authors) would like to have few bad reviews around to make a good stand for their books, but they when are they looking for it?

I also got a disjunction about this; don’t think that I’m all about writing bad review, but sometimes when I don’t like the book an author send me, I have those mixes feelings about tell the truth but also don’t hurt the author feelings. It’s so annoying. So I wonder, having in consideration what I previously say, would they really care if I write a good or bad review? What truly they want? So, I’m all about telling the truth, of course, and write what we really think about a book. But I also think we need to respect the work of authors, whichever is their reason to send us their story.

So, what do you think?



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