#BookReview: Illicit Night with the Greek by Susanna Carr

Illicit Night with the Greek by Susanna Carr
Genre: Romance
Pages: 192
Publication: January 19th, 2016 by Harlequin

Rating: 3 ½ HEARTS


The Greek’s unexpected parting gift…

Stergios Antoniou hasn’t seen his exiled, troublemaking stepsister, Jodie Little, since the night they finally gave in to their forbidden attration. Learning she’s turned to Athens during a business deal too crucial to jeopardize, he holds her prisioner on his provate island until it’s over.

Jodie wants to retify the past, but being so close to Stergios’s potent sensuality, she’s once again a slave to their destructive desire. One last illicit night should have put their affair behind them, but Jodie leaves the island with more scorching-hot memories.

My Thoughts

I love Greece, I would totally love travel there and get the magic of the Mediterranean coast; saying this, I also love to read romance base in this country, I felt that there something unique and exotic of the culture, food, history and places that hold me into the magical of it. However, I’m not fool about the lacking of plot consistence in the romance genre and the fact that pretty much everything is another copy of, what it seems, the same pre-produce script. 

With all of this into motion, I also have to say that these Greek romances are my guilty pleasure and I won’t end to read them anytime soon. Illicit Night with the Greek was a good book to read for a great afternoon, it does have romance, drama and lot of family problems. What I love of this book was the romance itself, that even when it’s kind of sick, it’s still very pretty. By other hand what I didn’t like was the fact that everything happened so fast that we don’t have time to process the whole thing. I expect more drama and story unfold.

But, I think for lovers of romance this will be a great book because it has all the elements we like about when we read these kinds of books. I recommend it to spend a pretty afternoon with some coffee and biscuits!



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