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I have a long time that I didn't participate on this meme; happily my college time is over, I'm finally a Journalist! (still waiting for my graduation ceremony). I'm so happy, I worked hard through those five years (here in my country we study for five years), and I did so much, learn so much, and I'm so glad that I finally can say that I'm a proper journalist. Anyway, moving forward to the topic of this post.

The question this week is: What is your favorite character archetype(s)?

Well, this kind of complex for me, because I have a mix of very different things. The only thing I know for sure is that I really like characters that are real, I hate when they get out of the personality they have, like a guy that is a pain in the butt through almost all the book and then suddenly, out of nowhere, he just made something nice for the girl and get out with it, not my type of character. But there is a thing or two that I look forward: 


About female, I like they have strong mind and opinion, sometimes they not have to be exactly the most taught characters, the most rebellious, those who are at the front of the mob, but the ones who I can relate about the action they take and the thoughts they have. For example, I really like Rose from Vampire Academy; she was a good friend, a really good fighter but she also has plenty of flaws, the thing was that she made everything possible under her reach to be a better person and do the best she can, I mean, she growth during the series and I enjoy that in every character.


Now, males are the most taught to describe for me, because I really don’t have a proper type. I think that I enjoy when they have sense of humor, I like to laugh with their jokes or when they do something awkward. Depending of the story I prefer alpha of beta males, that’s up to it, so I really wouldn’t know what to do with them; however, I don’t like guys who don’t think of females like equals, that’s something that really bothers me, being a feminist. I think that one of my favorites male characters is for sure Daemon from Luxen series, he was mean on the first book but then his love for Katy grow so much that they couldn’t lived apart from each other anymore, he was fun and kind of alpha male but that trusted on her and knew very well that Katy could keep herself save. 


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  1. We have similar tastes! I loved Rose and Daemon too! But Daemon here with the cookie is just reminding me of Cam from Wait for you!
    New Bloglovin' follower
    My FF

    1. Cam is really a good typ as well, he's very good. Wel, actually each character from JLA is awesome!

      Thanks for visit and following!



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