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The question this week is: What are two of your favorite Book to Movie adaptations?
To be really honest I do not watch movies based on books, there’s not a particular motive behind it, it’s just that I’m not compelling to do so. I can say, “Oh, I want to watch that movie because is based on that book”, but at the end of the day, I won’t do it. I probably have watched few movies that I didn’t know were based on books, like there are thousands of them, but those I do know, never really make it, however…:


File:Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Book Cover.jpg

There’s no doubt that my favorite movie adaptation is the Harry Potter series films, I’m just so in love of them, even when it isn’t the most faithful adaptation of all, however, each movie was really well made and shares the same magic of the books, which turned them into few of the best movies of all the times. Harry Potter change so much the way of how the movies adaptation were made and it was a pioneer is every department (like the split of the last book of the series, yes, very much Harry Potter style), it’s also the most successful series of all the time. My favorite from book the books and movies are The Philosopher Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone); I always like the first of each thing I read, but I like this one the most because it bring us the magic for the first time and I just love to see the little Harry be wonder by the Wizarding World.

13746 File:MyLifeinFranceCover.jpg 

File:Julie and julia.jpg

My second favorite books adaptation is Julie and Julia; this movie is adapted from the Julia Child’s autobiography, My Life in France by Alex Prud’homme, and Julie Powell’s memoirs, Julie and Julia: My Year of Dangerous Cooking. It was adapted by, the also writer, Nora Epron and it tells two stories in parallels: the time of Julia Child in Paris while writing her cook book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, while Julie Powell challenge herself in present day New York to cook each recipe from that same book in one year. I love this movie because it features three of my favorite things, books, food, and blogs, besides it share a powerful message that we can do anything if we keep true to ourselves and be very passionate by it.

So, which are your favorite book to movie adaptation?
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