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Today topic is quite fun, because, let’s face it, almost all the books we read are set in US; that isn’t necessary bad but I think we all want to read about different places just to have the change to meet somewhere new (I know that’s exactly what I want), but at the same time, it could be a problem to find a proper book for the exact the same reason. I try to find those books and give you something different, I did my best; so here are they: 


The Viscount Who Loved Me de Julia Quinn
This is my favorite book from the Bridgertons series. I know it’s the second one but hardly seems like it, we can read it very well without needed the first. We explore the wealthy, prestigious and good looking Bridgerton’s Family in their daily life at the Mayfair manor, the most exclusive balls, luxury shops and, of course, their feature on Lady Whistledown’s Society Paper, all set in early 1800, London.

Heist Society by Ally Carter
Ally presents us in this book a group of teenage cons who need to retrieve a stolen painting to prevent that the father of the lead girl face a deadly destiny. Of course, been this a story about thieves, we need to have a good portion of white collar’s travel life style (and oh! What life style having a multimillionaire between them?!). We started in US but quickly move on to Italy, Austria, England and France, travelling in an exclusive private jet.

Detrás de Un Espejismo (Behind a Mirage) by Nerea Nieto
When I review this book way back in 2014, I said it was like a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting just as sweet as I found it; I wish you could have the opportunity to read it because it really lovely and a perfect summer read but sadly isn’t in English yet. This book is set in Spain, while a Spanish, young successful journalist called Nora has to face her fear to give her heart to a man and hope not having heartbreak in the process.

La hija de la noche (The Daughter of the Night) by Laura Gallegos
Another book I wish you could read but it’s also not in English, but in Spanish and French. I really love, love this book so much; it’s dark tone and perfect page turner read will keep you intrigued through the whole thing. It sets in a small town in France, called Beaufort where, after disappear for several years, the enigmatic Isabelle arrived back hiding a dark secret that you would NEVER imagine, I guarantee.

Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister
This is another second book of a series, but I didn’t want to feature the first one because it sets in London when there are much more from where to choose. This time the “professional” Guardian, Aisling Grey, visit Hungary as a messenger to retrieve an amulet to a hermit in the city of Budapest. While been there she finds it’s the main home of the Green Dragons sept, which means it’s very likely she would find her own sexy wyvern, Drake. All this elements are put together to bring us a hilarious book while we tour Budapest.

The Betrayal by S. J. McMillan
This book is very particular because it’s hardly likely that you would find a story based on Mexican Mythology; set in modern day Teotihuacan, Mexico, we face the immortal people who lived there long time go, who were cursed to remain alive until they complete the task they were granted to. This book it’s really catching and full of twist, also the fact that isn’t a commonly myths theme make it extra interesting and refreshing.

I hope you have like my picks, which are yours folks? Somewhere insteresting you want to visit/read about?



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