And then, here I am, blank. I can only say: I'll miss you...

Very few times I've gone blank, when there is nothing in my head to write and those who know me well know that it is very rare that something like that happens to me, but everything is different this day. It's amazing when a moment can change your life completely, when someone you love leaves the world in just seconds. There are times that hit you hard, leaving you blank and still, your fingers itch to write because it is the only way to really get your emotions out.

Just a little detail, just a very tiny moment can change everyone and everything you know, just one little person can destroy your reality. Life is such unknown ground where everything can happen and anything can change in a blink of an eye, nothing last that longer, one day you have all you ever wanted and the next that same is rip it out from you. But the only thing that truly stands above it all is the memory.

The more small thought can create something magical, the simple memory of a long live change the course of what we’ll see tomorrow. Nothing can be compare with the memory of the love ones, and those who enter your life to stay. But doesn’t matter how much you prepare yourself for what’s coming, even knowing so, you would never be ready to face it.

So, I’m just writing to have something to do, to try to get my feelings out, which I won’t show with tears or outbursts of anger. There is a very famous song that recites "la vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida, ¡ay Dios!” Definitely this has been a surprise from any force that moves the universe to take away a person that changed many lives, that touch few more, but trully, it was just my grandmother, who I refused to believe that would be gone so soon.

And then, here I am, blank. I can only say: I'll miss you...



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