#BookReview: Dragon Soul by Katie MacAlister

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Sophea Long knows that escorting her octogenarian client to Europe will be an adventure. Mrs. P has a habit of stealing anything shiny, and the former "hoochikoo dancer" is a lot faster than she looks. But Sophea hadn't counted on Mrs. P leading her right into the arms of a smoldering, dark-haired stranger who kisses like a dream. If only he'd give up all this nonsense about Sophea being some kind of dragon... 


There's a reason Rowan Dakar is known as the Dragon Breaker. The last thing he needs is to fall for a woman who literally sets him aflame every time they kiss. After all, he has a mission-one that will finally free him of dragonkin for good. He can't afford to be distracted by the funniest, most desirable woman he's ever set eyes on. But no prophecy in the world can ever stop true love . . . 


My Thoughts

While I’m super fan of Katie MacAlister’s humoristic, very tangled stories, I think that the wonderful world she builds with her Dragons series isn’t as awesome as it was at the beginning. Yes, her stories are as awesome as always but I feel that something is lacking, like the previous magic is all gone, of course, it still keeps me entertaining but not with the same atmosphere of wonder it used to. While Dragon Soul was an improvement from Dragon Storm, it does have few elements that didn’t convince me totally.

Dragon Soul tells the story of the third Darkar siblings, Rowan, a.k.a the Dragon Breaker, dread by alls, taker of dragons’ life, cursed by the First Dragon to retrieve what he toke in order to spare his life dept. He’s called by her sister, Bee, to help the dragons to get a ring of Bael before the prime Lord Demon of Abandon use it to curse all the remaining dragon septs. Through his mission, he met Sophea, an Asian-American who seems to not know anything about the dragon’s world but somehow is a Wyvern mate claimed by the previous legitimate, non-demon, red dragon wyvern, Jian. While helping Sophea in her job of care keeper of a mysterious old lady, Rowan embarks in a journey for Egypt to find the ring that will help the dragons, risking his life and protecting his heart.

Like I said, I liked this book better than the previous one, but there’s something that didn’t work for me. I like the mythology; Katie has always been very keen to use mythology in her books, from everywhere (Greek, Roma, Scandinavian, Indian, Christian, and now Egyptian) and it was very funny and interesting to see how that would work with everything else. I’ve always like the diversity she has given to her paranormal world and how she can make that everything, from different background or myths, work together to create something hilarious and very entertaining.

However, I don’t like the insta-love that has toke her recently novels; I’ve struggle when an author writes insta-love and I don’t understand why one of my favorite authors has to do it. I noticed it more on these last three books because the previous series has more than two books for the characters to develop their love, so it wasn’t that rush, but now, Dragons Fall series is about a family of three and they have their own book each. So, I think that the romance was rushed for matters of time and I don’t like it at all.

A part of that, I think it’s my favorite of the bunch; I think it’s the funniest and the more interesting book of the last series. Also, for not having Jim around as the master of ceremony, we got Mrs. P and her hilarious sisters. I do recommend this book, but I believe that the previous three series (Aisling Grey, Silver Dragons and Light Dragons) are much, much better.

About The Author
Katie MacAlisterFor as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading. Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book. Despite her love for novels, she didn't think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non-fiction book about software. Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialogue or love scenes in the software book, Katie swiftly resolved to switch to fiction, where she could indulge in world building, tormenting characters, and falling madly in love with all her heroes.



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