Body Shaming

Today society has become into a marketing environment, where the best looking are brands that compete until the mere spectator learn that that’s how they need to look to feel sure about themselves. Sadly, plenty of people buy into this way of thinking and start to doubt about their own selves, about their own values and look for confidence into things like the current famous diet, clothes and very shameful ways of living. Body shaming start very young since lots of bullying situations at school happen because the victims are fat or has something physically that doesn’t correspond with the way people “should” be.

This way of thinking came from the very beginning of our existence on Earth; I’m sure lot of us have heard the “Greek profile” thing and how those men are really handsome and perfect physically, also the women “Victoria’s Secret style” and all. But these kinds of situations happen all around the world: I’m from Venezuela, the country with more beauty pageant crowns that any other, in here those women who participate on those contests need to have a rigorous diet and plastic surgery to fit into the perfect measurements of 90-60-90. But also there’s the Latina stigma where girls need to have big booty and boobs to fit into the “mole”.

Where I’m getting at is that we all suffered for body shaming and, especially women are really destructive when other woman body has “malfunctions”. We, women, are our own enemies because we always there to critique those who we think are fat, or ugly or have something that we don’t like, we really need to step back a little and understand that is US the only ones who are going to stop to shame our own bodies. I do have suffered for body shaming for been skinny and that’s so wrong, not because I feel like a victim but because I believed that everyone has to feel safe in their own body.

I’ve been thin all my life especially because I stressed out a lot and while I studied I didn’t eat much, beside during my teen years I have thyroid issues, so I was medically skinny; but that didn’t stop people to make me feel bad because I needed to eat more because I wasn’t fat enough, I looked sick and my body wasn’t pretty enough for the Latin standards. My mom is a fat lady so I learn from very young age to not judge people because their body type, because that doesn’t make a difference between been good or bad, that won’t prevent that people do horrible things.

So, my words today are to make you feel better of your own body, it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or thin, you’re beautiful and no one can’t tell you otherwise. I recommend that when you look yourself in the mirror every morning and tell to your reflection how good looking you are, that you can do anything you dream about, that you’ll take the world by storm and that NOBODY is better than you. I think that we need to start to believe in ourselves before make others believe in us, don’t let that anyone take away your confidence, because I believe in YOU.

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