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The Feature & Follow is a friday meme hosted by Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read. The idea is very simple as it name explains it itself, is about to follow and meet new bloggers. Follow for Follow and comments for comments.

The question this week is: What are you most thankful for (in the blogging community)?

This community has so many good things to be thankful for, from the inclusive fellow bloggers can be to how most authors connect with us, I think that the whole community is to be thankful for the fact that it does exist in the first place. However, I think that what I’m the most thankful for is the fact that I’ve been able to enjoy myself out of my own reality. 

I said so many times that, for me, reading isn’t about get lost into a book because I want to escape my own reality as mine, even when it’s not perfect, is quite good. I stick to that since is true but at the same time in some ways it’s also wrong. You see, about this time my country happen to have a dreadful time and 95% of the citizen struggle to have the essentials part of a normal life, so we try to cope the bad with the little good things that we can find.

So, apart for my family inner circle things are not that good; I guess that I refuge into my family and into this community and that’s why I almost always read light, funny books that make me feel good and give me inspirations. When I see another book blog, another bookstagram, an author’s debut/new book, someone who accomplish his/her bookish dream, and others wonderful good things in this community it makes me happy because that lets me know that there is something better out there and gives me the courage to pursuit it. 

Then, that’s what I’m thankful for, that this community has showed me that there are so many beautiful things and that I can reach them!

Tell me, what are you most thankful for?

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