23 things I learn in my 23 years of life

Today is birthday. I honestly don’t care about the whole getting old thing but the fact that this is my day, it’s my time, my moment to celebrate that I was born, my triumph, my family and all the beautiful things that I’ve experienced and seen. 12 has always been my number and I am happy to be honored this beautiful day. 

Through my whole life I’ve experienced so many different things, of course, it hasn’t been dramatic like people like Malala but, I do have some things that I’ve learn and I think are valuable enough to share with you. So, today I’m sharing the 23 things l learn through my 23 years of life.

1) Don’t be myself, find myself

I saw this on the book Some Kind of Perfect by Krista and Becca Ritchie; at some point one of the main character said that when he has a daughter he would tell her “don’t be yourself, find yourself”, and that’s something that stuck with me since I read it. This lesson I’ve been learning it through my time at college but it’s recently that I notice what it really means. When I was young my parents constantly were telling me, “be yourself” but, how could I when I didn’t have any idea of who I was? 

On those young years we always copying from others, people we admired and want to be like, that’s not wrong at all, for the contrary, how we can be something when we don’t experiment what we want to be in the future? I now understand that it was a good thing that I copied friends, I tried to be something else because I was molding myself, liking and disliking. So, when I (if I ever) have children I absolutely will advise them to don’t be yourself because you don’t know who you are, therefore find yourself.

2) Be responsible

My mom was always very keen about we learn this. Through my whole life I try to commit to my responsibilities. It’s important to always keep your word and do what you promise to do, create compromise and honored our commitments. It would do so much good because people will see you like someone they can trust and work with, it will always make a good impression and create good relationships.

3) Don’t take everything to personal or seriously

At the same time, we also have to understand that not everything in life have to be too serious, because we also have to enjoy what we’re doing it, otherwise, how can we be happy in life? To be honest, I not always enjoyed what I did, especially when I pressured myself to be a straight A student and make my parent proud, but after go to college I understand that the stress of it doesn’t worth it. I have to be happy for what I do, enjoy it and I won’t do that if I’m putting unnecessary pressure on my shoulders. 

4) Finding my niche

On the blogging world people say this all the time, it’s the same thing that finding yourself, discover something that your good at and make it beyond impressive. This was twisted for me because I always was good with words, I started to read very early in my life but after a while I left it behind; literature wasn’t my favorite subject at school but after getting into the bookish world I release that it was destined for me. 

By other hand there’s the journalist; I started on this path when I was 10 years old or so, and then I re-enter in it when I was twelves through my entire high school experience and I didn’t notice that I like it until I was getting into college, when I decided that that was what I want to study. For all this I needed to evaluated myself and take the decision of my life based on what I liked the most, and I’m so glad that I was able to have a career in something I love.

5) Take the opportunities

Sometimes life give you so much and you just have to be grateful for what you have. I’ve learn in a hard way to take the opportunities that I find on my way to success and I’m honest, when I said in a “hard way” because on a few times I let go things that if I could, I take back. Right now, I try to appreciate all the opportunities and do what I have to do to reach my dreams.

6) Don’t be afraid to start early

The most greatest success in life have been made by young people, so I release that I’m so young, yes time is flying by, but at the same time there are so much to live yet that I just can’t be afraid of starting to look for my dreams at this age. I started few project a way back that didn’t turn ok but that was good because I learned from them, at least I tried, it doesn’t matter what age we have, we still can create wonderful things.

7) Enjoy the moments

It’s important to be part of what is happening around you. I still working on this, I’m not perfect and if you ask my family they will tell you that I never participate on anything because I always stuck on my phone but I’m really trying (however, they don’t understand that social media is my job). At least I understand what I have to do to make it happen.

8) Be passionate

I’m introverted so it’s hard for me to express my feelings, however, that’s not what is this about, I’m talking about be excited by something, about be inspired by something so fiercely that you want to do anything to make it happened and I can be like it inside. I understand that I have to let go my walls and feel the joy of doing something, creating and living. Life have so many wonderful things to share that I can’t stop living them just because I’m afraid to get hurt.

9) Get out and have fun

This is not something that I practice but something that I wish I did more on my childhood. My mom was always very overprotecting with me and my sisters and she often said no when we wanted to hang out with friends and do something fun. I understand that I needed that moment of fun, I’m not talking about go to parties and stay out late night but do other innocent, good stuff but the only thing we ever got was no. I like my life as a bookworm but at the same time I felt like I lost so many good experience because I didn’t have the opportunity of it.

10) Experiment

The same point of before but by other hand, I still have the opportunity to experiment much more and I want to. I’m having things right now that are out my comfort zone and I’m kind of afraid of them but I’m excited to experiment them juts as much and living them the fullest. 

11) Make mistake and learn from them

We always afraid of so many things in life but I guess that it’s important to know that it’s ok to make mistake, it’s normal, we only have to learn and try to not made them again.

12) Build my confidence

I think that this is a portion of ourselves, our family and the environment we’re living but I believe it’s important to build our confidence very early in life. I always have my family that tell me I was good at what I did but there also some physic aspect of me that was a subject of bullied by some, and that made me conscious of myself for a long time. Right now, I understand that I’m more than my physic, that doesn’t define me and it doesn’t limit me, so, I try each day to watch me in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful I am and that I am capable to do everything a dream.

13) Don’t be afraid to express myself

When I was on middle school I was very outspoken about my feelings but when I started high school that just disappear and I take refuge in my books, but been in college give me the courage to express myself and don’t be afraid to say what I have to say to get what I wanted. That was one of the most empowerment things I gained.

14) Don’t jump into assumption

We can’t always assume the worst about others, not everything is black and white and there are so many braches that we don’t know, so, I guess it’s important to understand that not what we see it’s always what it actually is, and before do something rush with need to know all the things first.

15) Be positive

This is my mojo right now. Think, talk and act positively. I strongly believe in good vibes so I think that have this positivity thing going on around you can make lot of good things for you. 

16) Let things go

I learn to stop having grouch on something, on someone, that that makes more damage to me than them. I almost lost a great friendship for a grouch, and that makes me rethink the whole thing. I could miss so much because of it.

17) Surrender myself with good, positive and productive people

When the place and the people around you work with you instead of against you it notices. I learn that it’s important to have a group of hardworking, passionate, proactive and positive people that inspire you and make you better day to day.

18) Be nice

You don’t have to be a mean to get what you want, for the contrary, be nice helps to gain more friends than enemies. I try very hard to be a good person, to help the people that I can without looking for reward. If someone need of me I’ll do my best to help.

19) Is fine to use makeup as it’s not

People has this thing going on about make up, and true beauty and all that. Yes, the inside beauty is more important that the exterior but why not using makeup? Everybody has the right to choose to use it or not. The beauty industry needs to stop chamming the women that don’t use it, and those who don’t use it have to stop chamming us for using it. It’s a vicious circle that need to stop right now.

I believe that all women are beautiful in the own right, so for me, using make up is showcasing your existing beauty. On this time there are so many ecological, organic cosmetic products that doesn’t hurts animals or the planet. I think it’s time to grant the women the right to choose how we want the world watch us.

20) I don’t need to have my life figure out

When we have this age, the adults around us are constantly asking us for our life plan, is good to have one, but at the same time is good to not have one. I understand that I’m so young to stick to things and that I have so much still to live. I’m not saying that I’ll be a vacancy but I don’t have to stress myself with the future just yet.

21) Is OK be single

This is something I promote so much. I’m not encourage the girls to stay single but I don’t understand that urge to have a boyfriend. I think is important to spend time with ourselves to reevaluate our value as women, our likes, feeling good with ourselves before jumping in a new relationship. Beside, be with a man don’t define us as women.

22) If an adult tells me to act like my age, I just don’t

There’s still time to be serious about life but I never going be in my twenties again; be childish, watching cartoons, or even play with toys for time to time, is not a crime. I need to enjoy my young years the fullest.

23) Family is everything

Friends come and go, but family stick with you for the rest of your life. Family is your core, your safe place, the comfort after a long hard day, it’s important never give it for granted because when it’s gone it’s really going to break your heart. I found out that my family is the best of me and I’m so fortunate to have such wonderful parents and lovely sisters. They all celebrate my triumph, are proud of me beyond words and love me unconditionally. I don’t know what would be of me if I don’t have them.



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