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Welcome to Corazones Literarios, you want to know more about the blog and the blogger behind it, keep reading...

The Blog


Corazones Literarios started on September of 2010 with the purpose to share the book I worked with on PR. through the years it grew to become a bookish blog dedicate to book reviews, giveaways and book/author promotions. Sometimes, I also share my radom thoughts, little passions, everyday life, and those pretty things I find through my journey in this world.

The meaning behind the name

There's really not a story behind the meaning of the name of my blog, only that I'm a Venezuelan blogger, and my heritage means lot to me; also, I like romance, so I thought that was a good idea to use as a name for my blog.

Now, Corazones Literarios is Spanish meaning: Literary Hearts.

CL has two aspects, those that are represent by its name. Literary keeps the original purpose of the blog with book reviews, author/book promotions, challenge/games/campaigns and others book themes. While Hearts represents the other roots of the blog where I share my points of view and any other things I see fitting.

I hope you like my blog as much as I like to write it. I also hope you could find something here that bring you inspirations and makes you a better person. Don't hesitate to contact me cause I would love to here from you!

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The Blogger

Hello, I'm Giovana! I'm a 22 years old Social Comunicator and book lover. 

My love for letters started very young, about the time when I had seven yearls old and I found out what journalims was. During the last year of middle school, I was the founder and editor in chief of my school's paper. Then, I was featured on all my high school papers with one or two article each edition, and even so participaten in a junior journalist group to cover a convention of high schools from all around the country!

So, I was fortunate enough to knew that what I would like to do for the rest of my life very young, that much, that I studied Comunications mayoring in Journalims. My big goal in life is to write for a newspaper and magazine, and be, some day, the editor in chief of them!

By other hands, my love for books started at high school, when I read a beautiful old Greek love story; then I read Harry Potter (thanks to a friend who share her books with me) and I love it. HP is so important to me, it opened a huge world full of magic and dreams, without limitations and restrictions, where everything was possible. Since it, started all and here I'm now, living a life full of possible things.

I'm a very reserve person, shy you may say, but very passionate about life and what it could brings to me. I try to be a very positive person, always looking for the bright side of a situation and trying to be as kind as I could. I believe that been a good person is really important to accomplish anything in life and always helping those who needed.

I Liked

I'm huge fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Katie MacAlister and Rick Riordan's books; You could find plenty of reference and reviews of their books here. Honestly, I don't have a favorite book, I do have favorite series like Lux & Covenant (both by JLA), all Vampire Academy's world (by Richelle Mead), Percy Jackson's world (by Rick Riordan) and, of course, Harry Potter.

I'm not only into the reading thing, I also love fashion. I like to design clothes and draw some fashion illustrations. I'm also like to sing and I'm Musicals enthusiastic. My favorited musical is The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and my fav characters is Christine Daaé, from the same musical.

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